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Thread: Any TRUSTED Sources in Asia? (Aromasin, T, HGH, MK-677, SARMS)

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    Question Any TRUSTED Sources in Asia? (Aromasin, T, HGH, MK-677, SARMS)

    Hi Guys,

    New member here, but been watching a lot of Dylan's YouTube videos - I like that this place seems to favor safety and longevity. Perfect for me, as I'm a complete newbie to SARMS and AAS.

    Anyhow, I'm based in Asia, in an area where our stupid f*ckin postal service is still really backwards, and corrupt. I recently made a fairly large order of HGH that's currently held up at customs, still trying to get it out.

    I'm wondering if there's anyone here, or knows of anyone that has a source or sources in Asia. At present, what I'm really looking for is Aromasin, Testosterone, HGH, MK-677, possibly some SARMS - but I'm still recovering from some health issues last year, so nothing too hardcore.

    I was prescribed TRT and HGH, as I was found to have deficiencies late last year. Problem is that I'm in a 3rd world country, where I don't really trust even the doctor prescribed stuff - plus it's like 5 x more expensive than I've seen online. I've used a source from the DarkNet - but it's also USA based.

    So - anyone in Asia around here, or know of a place/s? If you know of any, please PM me.

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    New guy....1st post.....wrong questions. I'm gonna sit back and watch........

    And dude....don't take any of what's coming personal, it's not.
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    haha, OK - copy that. Understandable. None taken =)

    was looking for a place to introduce myself, but didn't see a particular sub-forum for it.

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    Hey man, provide us with a bit more information and people will be glad to help you out!

    Age, weight, lifting experience, body fat etc etc

    Also, which area of Asia? pretty bold statement lol

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    Yeah Asia is a broad spectrum of laws and regulations regarding legality and availability. Depending on the country you may be able to walk into a pharmacy and purchase otc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkR View Post
    Also, which area of Asia? pretty bold statement lol
    Philippines - pretty sure it's not like Thailand, where you can get stuff OTC. I'm on TRT and HGH, doctor prescribed. It's RIDICULOUSLY expensive here, hence I'm looking to buy elsewhere - but there's always the issue of the corrupt customs here.

    Still trying to find out how to get my $1k worth of HGH "unseized"!

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    as for stats etc, I'm gonna write a separate post for that - as I can tell I'll be referencing it quite a bit, at least for my first handful of posts - got some health issues I'm recovering from.

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