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Thread: 1-Stop Domestic Shop - PM me for a list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WellYouNeednt View Post
    Sorry, forgot to include you in the previous post. I sent you a PM.
    yeah bro no problem. let me know anyone else who need a list!

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    hey guys and gals, don't forget to PM me for the latest list

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    new list is out guys. PM me

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    a lot of things in stock, list has expanded. want a fresh list? PM me !

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    We are always expanding our list of top quality gear.

    Make sure you have the latest list as your designing your upcoming cycle.

    Never give up...

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    Pinnacle is shipping really fast right now. Orders are landing in a few days.

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    $600 and over orders get 20ml vial of Test of your choice and a 10 pack of either Pharma Cialis or Pharma Viagra.

    Also sale of $30 per vial of 10ml Test Undecanoate

    Send me a PM for our newest price list. You can also message me on wickr - RickRock13

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    lets do this guys. just shoot me a PM and we will get you a fresh list.

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    hey guys great news. a new list is out with even more yummy stuff to buy

    PM me for a fresh list and i will get back to you

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    Send it........

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