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Thread: ***How to get bloodwork done cheap and WITHOUT going to a doctor***

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    ***How to get bloodwork done cheap and WITHOUT going to a doctor***

    Bloodwork from private MD:
    everyone should get bloods before and after a cycle at minimum. and if you want to know if your shit is legit during too.

    been getting a lot of PM's from guys with problems and my first question is "did you do bloods?" and there answer is always "no" .. I always want to help guys but if you post your problem I'm only going to tell you to go get bloodwork first anyway so might as well do it.

    guys who do bloodwork rarely experience issues for a damn good reason.
    I'm going to show you how to get bloods for cheap, please follow this STEP BY STEP. their website is very confusing and you don't want to pick the wrong test and waste $$ on the wrong thing.

    when you click the link scroll down to the middle of the page and click where it says HORMONE TESTING, click that and then scroll down to the one that says HORMONE PANEL FOR FEMALES
    LabCorp Price: $191.99
    New! Hormone Panel (MALES ONLY)
    Quest Diagnostics Price: $73.99.

    if you have a quest near you then go with that one, it is way cheaper for the same thing!

    there are a bunch with similar names to that so don't get it confused it will include LH, FSH, total test, E, and a bunch of other things..

    if you want all that PLUS cholesterol, thyroid, free test, IGF-1 and additional numbers you can get the Hormone Panel for Males for more money. which is the very next one

    if you want all of the above plus a few more things like progesterone and prostate and/or you want it where the total testosterone is uncapped, meaning it will show your number even if it exceeds 1500 (great for those on cycle who want to see how good their gear is) then order Hormone Panel for Males II which is the very next one

    so really one of those 3 are your go to ones to get, with the 2 cheaper ones capping total testosterone at 1500

    once you have selected what bloodwork panels you want, then go to cart and checkout

    code T34TU2 saves you 10% always and after you checkout they will email you the paperwork but remember to use the link

    print out the paperwork

    go into labcorp and get the drawn blood

    get results next day emailed to you

    as simple as that

    I don't want to hear the excuse "my doc can't see me for a month" or "bloodwork is too expensive" .. if you can afford to spend hundreds on gear then you can spend 50 bucks on bloodwork you juice monkeys lol!

    you can simply post the bloodwork on here (black out your personal info) and I will analyze your bloods for FREE!! If you would rather talk privately you can get in touch with me for a consultation 1 on 1 and I will go over this information for you for a very fair price and tell you what you need to do going forward and what it all means.

    PS if you need a steroid source or anything else please drop me a PM. i will make sure you are taken care of
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