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Thread: 🖊️🖊️NEW Geno PENS🖊️🖊️ at P.S.L.

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    🖊️🖊️NEW Geno PENS🖊️🖊️ at P.S.L.

    🖊️🖊️NEW Geno PENS🖊️🖊️

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    Check This Out.
    Genotropin Pen 12mg (36iu ) - Pfizer

    Easy Dosing..Just click.
    36iu $200


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    Quote Originally Posted by Vision View Post

    🖊️🖊️NEW Geno PENS🖊️🖊️

    These is the real deal holyfield!! You wont get a better product at such a great price anywhere

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    Has anyone ordered this and is using or has used it?

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    Has anyone ordered and used this product? Price is pretty low- looking for feedback.

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    Pharm Grade hgh

    Aggressive Pricing on These Bad Boys!

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    These are great because they're actually cheaper than the regular 36iu Geno cartridges AND you even get the quick pen with them....

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    ​when you want high quality pharma grade at a discounted price, you want PSL!
    No one does it better and saves you more!
    PSL is Your one stop shop!

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