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Thread: 💉💉The BEST TRT Stack EVER💉💉

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    The best TRT stack and combo ever.. I challenge you to try these compounds and pull bloods and post your reports with using PSL products..

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    Get MORE from your TRT.

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    Make your TRT more efficient, more productive, and feel better.
    Just by adding Mast E, or level up your cruise!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vision View Post

    There's an Easter egg here that's hidden inside of all of this, it's something I don't want people to miss.

    This goes to prove that you really don't need much test.. I laughed when I see guys chasing a total serum number, they are expecting numbers in or around the 3k + range and they believe that this is where you need to be in order to make the most progress.. I will say this again, stop chasing total serums and focus on free test levels.. people can have 3000 of bound test and that doesn't mean anything, in fact that testosterone is useless..

    People should incorporate compounds that are complementary with freeing up bound testosterone into more bioavailable testosterone..

    The moral of my point, is free up your test levels and let all of the other compounds be the workhorse..

    Know how to optimize your testosterone levels so they can work best for you.. it's not quantity but rather qualities..
    I would rather have several hundred work horses, compared to 3000 useless horses..

    I know this post has some age on it but, This for me wins the BEST QUOTE OF THE WEEK BY FAR. Good advocacy here Bro!! There should be a lot more guys pushing this way of thinking vs slamming barrel upon barrel of grams driving up sides and fighting unneeded BS all the time. "SYNERGY."
    Well said Sir!

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    How long are you gonna wait?
    Get all the benefits!

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    Well you know what I mean...

    From your friends at

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