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Thread: China banning production of raw materials

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    China banning production of raw materials

    There has been some talk circulating the internet about the Chinese government stopping the production and export of raw materials for sarms and steroids. I can see this being a bad deal since a lot of raw materials come from China.

    Does anybody know more on this topic? I am a little concerned

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    they will just move to a different area... theres not one thing to be concerned about

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    I am super happy to hear that.

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    They might want to focus on fentinol production first. Just saying...

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    China does things like this every few years. They make a highly visible effort to stop blackmarket production and export, which probably cleans up a few areas the government has a beef with, and then its business as usual.

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    Hell I don't know of any other countries producing raws.

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    I'm sure brewers have a way around this if they want to stay in business.

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