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Thread: !! CONTEST !! WIN FREE GEAR from OSGear!

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    !! CONTEST !! WIN FREE GEAR from OSGear!


    We are happy to announce a new CONTEST! All what you have to do to participate is to add a comment inside this thread. The comment is: #FREEGEARfromOSGear

    The winners will be announced here on Tuesday, Feb 25 and will be determined by using a list randomizer.

    Please do not add any other comments or question in this thread, you can use the PM or other open topics.


    300$ store credit

    Good luck!
    OSGear Team

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    Awesome promo! Would love to join and try your products but much rather the winner be another forum user. Aswell it might be a good idea to change rules to at least 6 months on forums, or at least 100 posts to prevent spam! Great promo guys!

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    I won the last one. I did want to say thank you.
    Guys this is for real. The whole process was easy. I ordered what I wanted and it shipped to me. I have not tried the product yet cause I’m currently running something. Once I have run it I’ll try to get an update.
    Y’all enter and try their stuff.
    Thanks again

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    This is perfect because I've been wanting to try you guys out..

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    Have placed three orders so far and everything has been easy and confidential just the way I like it.

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