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  1. cbbram

    SARM Dosages Quick Reference Guide

    I can't take credit for this because it's Dylan's info but I want to make it available as a sticky for a quick reference guide for members. Here is how you dose every SARM. *1-12 (wks) GW-501516 (CARDARINE)* 20mg day dosed once a day in the a.m. *1-12 (wks) RAD140 (TESTOLONE)* 20mg day...
  2. cbbram

    Wise Quotes/Advice

    I enjoy reading these and learning from others. Knowledge becomes wisdom which I seek daily. Share with others, especially younger individuals around you, so they can learn and be successful as they grow older. Please feel free to leave a wise quote or advice it can be a text or an uploaded...
  3. cbbram

    Biotech Labs🔅cbbram Reviews!

    Please share your review on my CUSTOMER SERVICE and your overall ORDERING EXPERIENCE with my services. This is a NOT a product review thread. Message me on Wickr messenger for a price list and ordering info. I take ALL ORDERS and PAYMENTS on Wickr for security and faster communication...
  4. cbbram

    Prami vs Caber

    I've never taken Prami before but my source has 0.25mg tabs. Are the sides a lot worse than Caber? Is Prami taken everyday or twice a week like Caber? I know I'm usually the one providing the answers but this is uncharted territory for me. Hope to hear from people who have used both as I've...
  5. cbbram

    Whatcha eatin? Share pics!

    One of my favs. Lean pork chop and potatoes. I eat this meal about once a week. A little high in fat but once a week won't kill me. Protein 49g Carbs 20g Fats 34g
  6. cbbram

    Modafinil Source

    Does anyone have a Modafinil source besides Pharma Lady? This is the 2nd time customs has taken my Modafinil. I need to try elsewhere. If you don't want to post here send me a PM. Appreciate the help.
  7. cbbram

    Banned Nutrition Log - cbbram Receive my 2 bottles in the mail quickly. I started this morning and I will use this thread to keep a log and updates.
  8. cbbram

    ESARMS Cardarine log and review. GW-501516 - cbbram

    Day 1 I received my package in 2 days. Shipping was VERY FAST, and well packaged. I immediately shook the bottle very well and swallowed 20mg of the solution (1ml). Alcohol taste but nothing too bad as it was what I expected. I was very happy to see the dropper is marked for very accurate...
  9. cbbram

    Cbbram Announcement

    I just want to let my fellow ISARMers know that I will not be repping for Pharma Lady anymore. It's been nearly 4 years and the experience I've gained is invaluable. I enjoyed helping everyone but I have some future endeavors that I want to pursue that will be a conflict of interest. I'm still...
  10. cbbram

    Pharma Lady January Specials 2019

    Happy New Year from the Pharma Lady team! Email a Pharma Lady rep and we'll send you a price list with January specials. [email protected] [email protected] Platinum Biotech SARMS will be available mid January.
  11. cbbram

    Pharma Lady Orders

    Pharma Lady is sick at the moment and has a backlog of emails. When she starts feeling better things will return back to normal. This is all the information I have at the moment. Please don't use this thread to complain or ask questions about your order. This post is to explain why you are...
  12. cbbram

    Pharma Lady November Specials

    ****************************************** PLATINUM BIOTECH SIX PACK SPECIAL Buy 4 of the same regular priced PLATINUM BIOTECH 10ml injectable products and get 2 of the same regular priced PLATINUM BIOTECH 10ml injectable products free. ****************************************** PLATINUM...
  13. cbbram

    Dave Palumbo HGH Video

    Good video to watch for those experiences these sides with HGH. I do get these sides so it's good to know why. Watch "Does GH Make You Tired? Raise or Lower Blood Pressure?" on YouTube
  14. cbbram

    Bacteriostatic Water (homemade)

    Due to the nationwide shortage of bacteriostatic water decided to make my own. Seems very easy... Just add 0.9ml of BA per 10ml of water. I already have 10ml vials of sterile water just gonna add 0.9ml (9 units) BA with an insulin syringe. Voila....
  15. cbbram

    Pharma Lady Accutane

    Pharma Lady has Accutane in stock again... 20mg X 10 caps = $25
  16. cbbram

    Tren / GW

    My lipid bloodwork around a month after a Tren cycle without GW, and with GW. ***Tren Cycle Without GW*** Triglycerides - 91 Total Cholesterol - 256 H LDL - 178 H Chol/HDLC Ratio - 4.5 Non HDL - 199 H HDL - 57 ***Tren Cycle With GW*** Triglycerides - 63 Total Cholesterol - 195 LDL - 116 H...
  17. cbbram

    Pharma Lady August Specials

    PLATINUM BIOTECH SIX PACK SPECIAL Buy 4 of the same regular priced PLATINUM BIOTECH 10ml injectable products and get 2 of the same regular priced PLATINUM BIOTECH 10ml injectable products free. ****************************************** PLATINUM BIOTECH SPECIAL OFFER Spend $300 and get 1...
  18. cbbram

    HGH Video

    Great info just wanted to share...
  19. cbbram

    Pharma Lady Coming Soon

    New products coming soon in the near future... Platinum Biotech Boldenone Cypionate 200mg/ml (Injectable) Global Anabolics Anadrol 50mg/ml (Injectable)
  20. cbbram

    Welcome/Introduction Thread

    If you're new here use this thread to introduce yourself. Give us your stats, post a pic (optional) and tell us something about yourself. If you have specific questions please post a different thread in the SARMS/AAS or Source Talk section so they can be addressed separately. Welcome to ISARMs!