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  1. tombarcelona

    Accutane for back acne

    Anyone used accutane to treat acne? Doc 8s writing me a scrip but I have this huge pamphlet full of sides.... my dermatologist said the biggest complaint from bodybuilders is back pain and I am wo dering if this is a from water retention issue and can be negated using taurine and limiting...
  2. tombarcelona


    Can someone post the link to the site I can order labs from.... I got a new phone and lost the link I had to order my bloodwork. Thank you! Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  3. tombarcelona

    Ostarine addition

    Would adding ostarine to the last 6 weeks of my lgd cycle be a waste of money? Want to kick it up a notch but not sure if six weeks would be enough to see results from the ostarine. Currently running lgd and mk677. Will be running mk677 for 6-8 months. Doing a 12 week strength program...
  4. tombarcelona

    SR9009 transdermal vs. Oral

    Any opinions on this? Tried a transdermal solution with zero effect. But I've read it has no oral bioavailability? I'd like to know if anyone has any personal experience on this. Been reading endless articles and random posts but no one has really polled the masses so here I am. Thanks guys...
  5. tombarcelona

    Mk677 carpal tunnel

    Anyone get carpal tunnel type pain using mk677? What did you do to treat it... seems like this is a common occurrence with hgh. 7 weeks in and the pain is getting out of control... decided to cut my dose in half and add vitamin b6. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  6. tombarcelona

    Bloodwork question

    So bloodwork came back today and things are looking good except one thing. My BUN/creatinine is a little out of range. Reference is 9-20 and I'm at 22. This seems to be an indicator of kidney function. Currently taking lgd4033 with mk677. Week 4. Any one here if either of these compounds...
  7. tombarcelona


    So I'm 4 weeks into my lgd (10mg/day)cycle and about 6 weeks into mk677(25mg/day). I started to notice my nipples were getting really sore and I assumed it was some mild gyno. Since I don't have time to do bloodwork until Friday I decided to be pro active before I ran into a bigger problem. I...
  8. tombarcelona


    Disclaimer: any reference to me means my lab animal. I say me I. Order to relate better to test subjects..... That being did I had the unique opportunity to test on diabetic lad rats with a continuous glucose monitor to help gauge insulin sensitivity. Hopefully you guys find this interesting...
  9. tombarcelona

    Quick question

    so I had bloodwork done pre sarms and my doc ended up only running free testosterone. Grrrrr. So now I'm a week into my LGD and wondering if I should just use that number as my baseline and run free testosterone bloodwork during and after? Also is 58.7 pg/ml a decent number? Sorry, Thanks...
  10. tombarcelona

    Sarms bloodwork

    Hey guys, getting ready to start my first cycle of sarms the next couple weeks and going with lgd4033. Have clomid on hand just in case and for pct as well. Contrmplating stacking but worried abiut suppression. I'm Getting pre blood work done next week to see where I am. My Question is what...
  11. tombarcelona

    New to the forum.

    Hey guys just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. Looking to do my first cycle of sarms and wanted to try osta. Question is has anyone used Mr. Peptides to buy sarms or clomiphene? Thanks and look forward to learning. Been reading up and learning so much from you guys! Sent from my SM-G930P...