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    Robolics TD for next cycle

    Send money and it comes 3 days later. How’s that for service? If bitcoin wasn’t such a bitch right now it would have come a lot faster. Going to run the following cycle with the Robo gear starting in May: 18-20weeks Test and Boldenone Test C 375 mg/week EQ 600 mg/ week 1-18 Test C 375 (1.5...
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    2nd cycle help/critique/suggestions

    Hi guys, I'm trying to decide what cycle to run next. I'm looking at either of the following: A) 16 week EQ cutting cycle Test 300/week EQ 600/week Aromasin at 12.5 mg e3d or B)16 week cycle Masteron cutting cycle 1-4 winstrol 50 mg/day (with organ support) 1-16 Test 500 mg/week 1-16 Masteron...
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    Pre-loading syringes

    Any issues with loading 4-5 syringes at a time, replacing with the fresh capped injection needle and storing them like this?
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    New Guy Introduction

    Well, this is my intro to the brotherhood. Chalk me up as one of the mid-40s guys that has been athletic all my life and wants to keep in the game so I reached for the bottle of testosterone to see what it would do. I kept a personal log, electing to not post it, but I've begun to see the...