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    Npp prop and headaches

    Started my npp and prop cycle.. running 75mgs of prop and 100mgs of npp eod.. barely on day 8. been getting severe headaches.. so bad that it kept me from working out tonight... was in the gym but everytime I'd lift, back of my head would throb. It's obviously a BP issue I would think? Wondering...
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    Opinion on my bloodwork please

    So I am 27yo 6foot 2 11percent body fat and weigh 190lbs. Been training for eight ish years. Started cycling maybe 2 years ago. Did a few test only cycles. Felt as if I recovered fine with my pct. Three months ago I came off of my first stack which was masterone and test prop eod for 12 weeks. I...
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    Npp100 and test prop cycle

    Hey guys looking for some insight. Going to be doing a new cycle. Never used npp before but my goals are to bulk up by gaining lean muscle mass without holding on to too much water. Hopefully 10 to 15lbs would be nice. I am 27 years old, lifted naturally for 7 years. Started cycling about 2...
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    Cycle advise TNE

    Hey bros, I am 6ft2 187lbs 10%bf, 27yo and have been lifting since I was 20. Did my first test cycle at 26yo. Been cycling on and off for about a year now. I didnt do pct my first cycle cause I was uneducated, although I made some serious gains.stayed off for 3 months and went back on PL susta...
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    Hgh dude . Com

    Anyone heard of them? They have a brand called alphaGEN and I previously used their susta250 and I liked it a lot. Great sex drive strength gains yada yada. Been trying to find this brand again and I did. The bottle I have at home even matches the serial number on the bottle I seen online. I...
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    Robo reviews

    Just want reviews that's all. Got test cyp 250
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    I have been experiencing severe acne on my shoulders and back. Sort of knew this would happen when I started this cycle cause I had acne during my teen years and also got it pretty bad while on my first cycle ever. Now on the 12th week of my 2nd cycle. Running only test susta 250. 1cc a week...
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    Cycle advice

    I am 202lbs 12% bf 6'2" and 26years old. Done two cycles in my life, currently on 8th week of 2nd cycle. Have been pinning .5 (125mgs) of test susta250 2x a week... gained 17lbs so far, coming from 185 pre cycle.. I'm just wondering if I should be doing higher doses cause I see a lot of guys on...
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    Seeking advice

    I am 26 years old, 13% bf, 6'2, and normally weigh 185lbs all year round. Recently started running susta 250 (.5 2x a week) and have been taking my diet VERY serious, and am happy to say that I'm currently 200lbs! This is the most I've ever weighed in my life. I have always struggled with...