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    Competition Help

    So I am going to compete in my first show mid-june of 18 in the physique division. For those who have competed before do you have any advice or anything on things to focus on, diet wise, etc..? Also would you suggest hiring a coach? I have heard that it is a waste of money and others say it...
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    anadrol strength

    What kind of strength gains have you guys gotten from anadrol?? I am about to use it for the first time and super stoked by what it can possibly do with the right bulking diet
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    Tren E or Eq?

    Running a bulking cycle of test/deca. Thinking about adding tren or eq, what do y'all think is better? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    using clomid instead of nolva on cycle

    So my buddy just gave me a bunch of clomid. I was wondering if matter if i used this during my cycle instead of nolvadex?
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    I have been looking a lot into HGH lately and I can't really tell how I feel about doing it. I keep seeing that it will add muscle mass with AA but you won't get a lot of strength gain. I just want your guys personal experience on it.
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    winny at the end of a bulking cycle

    What results have you guys gotten by adding 50mg of winny to he end of a bulking cycle? Im going to run eq/test/deca for 15 weeks and was thinking about adding this but wanted to know your guys experience. and yes i am under 10% body fat
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    Clen/anavar help!!!

    So my gf ordered anavar and clen, the clen looked pretty legit. The anavar had a weird packaging. But she started her cycle today and is getting shakey hands. Is this normal? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    dbol/anadrol combined for front loading?

    Has anyone ever front loaded with both dbol and anadrol at the same time?
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    So I'm going to order Caber today, and I've read for the doses it should be .25mg or .5mg. What are your guys experiences with the dosage? I know it's every three days Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Favorite cutting cycle

    So I'm hoping I'll be at a high enough body weight by like march where I'm happy with my size to do a cutting cycle for the first time and get shredded af. I'm thinking of doing a Test E: 400mg wk 1-12 Tren E: 400mg wk 1-12 Eq: 500mg 1-12 Winstrol: 7-12 Arom: 12.5 EOD Caber: 1mg every 3 Pct...
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    Bodybuilding or aesthetic

    Just out of curiosity, Are more people on here want to be a huge beast like Phil Heath/Kai Greene or to look aesthetic af like Jeff Seid/Sadik Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Detox before a cycle

    So I'm going to start a cycle in October, and I got the idea that if I did a detox before starting it to clean out my system that it could make for cleaner and more effective muscle gains? lol this is one of those taking a shit thoughts so I'm just curious if anyone has given this a shot and if...
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    Introducing myself

    hey bro's, I'm new to the site just wanted to introduce myself. 6'8 26yr old 255lbs 8%body fat Might as well throw this in here Starting a 12 week cycle Test e: 400mg ew Deca: 400mg ew dbol:30 or 50mg ed(havent deciced yet) first 4 weeks Arimidex: 1mg eod PCT:two weeks after last inection...