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    Cycle Support Lower Test?

    So I am currently taking 300mg test cypionate, 400mg deca, and 300mg EQ a week. I have recently been having some psychological side effects such as depression, anger, and jealousy. I am fairly estrogen prone. My estrogen hasn't been too high on last two blood tests though. Could reducing the...
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    TRT sarms and estrogen

    You have been really good about answering my questions, and I really respect your opinion and videos. I am currently on TRT and after several months I got my protocol in good shape. I'm currently cutting, and I was thinking about trying to add proviron to my routine. I have never messed with...
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    Problem sarms

    So I am taking 200mg testosterone cypionate weekly by separating that does into daily injections. I am also utilizing 1000 units of HCG a week. I have been experiencing severe headaches during sexual activity but it doesn't happen during intense training. I had a CAT scan done and there is no...