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  1. LVX

    Breakfast Meal Favorite

    Looking to add some "go-to" breakfast meals into my arsenal. Anyone have a favorite they like? *Preferred noncutting diet but if you have a cutting one that you really like please list. Thanks
  2. LVX

    Organ ST question

    I purchased Organ ST (x2) planning for a future cycle(s). My question: Is Organ ST along the same line as the old school 'cycle assist'. I pose this question as how you would "theoretically" use the product not the quality (it definitely looks like it is better ingredient wise). If it is used in...
  3. LVX

    Capsule SARMs

    Are capsule SARMs an actual possibility? Wanting to do a cycle. Haven't done one for 2+ years but never seen capsules until now; only did liquid. I know things have changed but are capsules an actual possibility (especially quality-wise)?
  4. LVX

    Favorite Newly Implemented Biceps Excercise

    I know there isn't a section addressing workout technique so I won't post like this again (apologize if I'm out of line by doing this). However, 2 months ago I implemented a biceps exercise that I'm getting some good results from so I wanted to share and see if anyone else has used it and had...
  5. LVX

    SARMS v Steroids?

    I have a question and I hope those with the most experience can weigh in... Age: 41 Height: 6'0 Weight: 219 BF %: 15 Training: 20+ years History (latest to earliest): Prohormones - H-drol. Epistane. M-drol. Taken as safe as you could possibly do - Supplements to prevent side effects against...
  6. LVX

    Re: Am I Ready for Steroids? A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    Re: Am I Ready for Steroids? A new video by Dylan Gemelli This video is no longer available. Is there a new link to it?
  7. LVX

    iSarms Forum

    Hey all, I didn't know where to post this properly, so I'm posting it here. Please forgive me if it should be somewhere else. I just joined and I wanted to say this forum seems great. I've spent a lot of time reading many forums but have never joined one until now. I look forward to learning...