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  1. LouisVillan502

    Fight tonight!!!

    Anyone know how to get the ppv fight on firestick. I have the new kodi version. With the hard nox build. Ive never tried to get ppv. Anyone that has help would b appreciated. Thx Sent from my LGMP450 using Tapatalk
  2. LouisVillan502

    Travel question...

    Has anyone boarded a plane with an original package unopened from Pharmalady....just curios have a flight tomorrow and wantin to bring pack with me. Sent from my LGMS210 using Tapatalk
  3. LouisVillan502

    Drug test????

    Have a drug test this friday that came outta no where. Will be supervised during drug screen. Past sat night sun mourning i went out drinking and did a few lines of coke. This was first time i had used any narcotics is 33months. Does anyone know any detox drink or any other way to pass without...
  4. LouisVillan502

    Tren expierences!!!

    Just want to ask some of you more experienced Tren user want labs products gave U best results. I used 2 different labs and was not impressed with either. Im planning my next cycle and looking for feedback based on expierence of what way to go as far as lab. Thx Sent from my LGMS210 using Tapatalk
  5. LouisVillan502


    When i come off cycle but continue on test (trt) dose, will cortisol spike and result in catabolism??? If so whats the best way to avoid this. I know sarms lgd and ostarine help. Any and all info is much appreciated. Im coming off cycle but contining teat and this will be new. Im used to coming...
  6. LouisVillan502


    Last couple weeks ive noticed small zit like bump on thighs and back of my neck. Never had any acne issues ever in my life. Curious if anyone knowa anything to clear theae up. I pop them and wash regular. Not forsure the cause but id say a mixture of the test blend and extreme heat from working...
  7. LouisVillan502

    Letro question???

    Currently on nandromix and dbol...of course test(blend). Almost out of aromison but i have alot of letro on hand. Never had any estrogen issues. Just curious how to use the letro as an ai witjout totaly smoking my estrogen level or if its even possible. Sent from my LGMS210 using Tapatalk
  8. LouisVillan502

    Big ups to Pharma Lady and Cbbram!

    Business the way its supposed to be!!!!! Pure Professionals at both ends. Placed order over holiday weekend and recieved it ladt night. Less than a week!!!. Questions answered fast and on point from her and ccbram. Thx for being 100!! Sent from my LGMS210 using Tapatalk
  9. LouisVillan502


    Anyone tried modafinil and have any expierence they can share. Looking to order soon. Looking for a stimulant and energy boost to help me focus and get thru the days. Sent from my LGMS210 using Tapatalk
  10. LouisVillan502

    Clen/ T-3/ ????what AAS

    Curious what AAS is best to run with clen and T3 to prevent T3 from from destroying muscle?
  11. LouisVillan502

    BGS is on point

    4 days after i placed order it arrived smoothly. Thats the fastest ive ever seen package arrive. After arrival i went str8 to business. I must say test cyp and tren is smoothest i could have ever imagined. No comparison to last lab i used. Big ups to 9th wonder. Much appreciated my brother. Will...
  12. LouisVillan502

    No ester oils????

    Came across something i have never seen and no anything about. No ester oil aas. Just curious how long these oil take to get into system and how much you obtain of it. Any info appreciated.
  13. LouisVillan502

    Serious PIP question.

    Did 3rd dose of test cyp 300 today. Went smooth. I had severe pain on my first and second pin. 1st one has recovered. 2nd has a red swollen knot on glute. Its bn 4 days and has not let up. I can barely sit down. Is it normal to b swollen and red??? I know pip is normal but i was thinking maybe...
  14. LouisVillan502

    Cycle help...

    Has anyone heard of Dynamic labs Tren ace 100? Its a brownish orange looking color. Running test cyp at 600mg wk and wanting to throw in the tren. I have a bottle of aromison on hand. Looking for caper that i can get within a week or so. My only supplier on caper takes forever to get. Like 30...
  15. LouisVillan502

    PIP questions! #sore as f--k!!!

    First time pinning peroid. Running test 300 cyp by dynamic. Went in quadwith 1in 23g. Extremely sore. No bruise or redness. Same result on 2nd pin in glute. Any advice????