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    Bpc 157

    Has anyone tried this and it worked? Its relatively inexpensive so I was thinking of giving it a go...
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    Liver issues

    Make a long story short guys, I've had high urobilinogen in my urine for a while now. My ast alt are fine, however my alkaline phosphatase levels are high too. The doctors have been baffled as to what is causing this. I even had a liver biopsy and it showed nothing severe. I am on trt. My dr...
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    Liver Blood Work

    After doing some research, it seems Clomid, and tamoxifen can effect liver counts of alkaline phosphatase. My blood work currently shows: 202- alk p Ast- 26 Alt- 47 This was taken at the end of pct. I was only on 200mg of test. No orals. My prior blood work 4 months showed Alk p- 165 Ast- 22...
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    Worst Dr I've had

    Went to the Dr to get my kidneys checked and just all my routine blood work. Just moved so this a new Dr I've never been to. Get in after waiting 30 min, start telling him I want my kidneys checked because I'm having slight pain. He asks a few questions about urine color. Then says it's probably...
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    6th cycle

    Getting ready to start cycle 6. 14 weeks. 33 5-10 175 8% (just did caliper test) Going with Sus at 500 a week Tren 200 a week Tbol 50mg wk 1-4 Masteron 400 a week GW 20mg a day, full 14 weeks and into pct. Hcg last 4 weeks 1,000 Aro starting at 12.5 eod should work. caber .5 2x a week...
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    I have gone full retard in trying to find a bitcoin source that doesnt charge an insane amount, or have limits. Any recommendations for one to use for the techonologically behind person lol?
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    HCG & Clomid q

    I was doing a lot of reading up on hcg, and we all know its stupid to run in pct, and for a long time. So my question is during say a 12 to 16 week cycle, is it a poor decision to run a lower amount a week to help prevent atrophy or a complete in the tank lh fsh level? And thats during the cycle...
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    Tbol half life and dosing

    So i see 16 hours is half life on tbol, and dylan said 60 mg is ideal. Is it better to split the dosage to maintain blood levels, or take the full 60 before the gym to get the best out of it?
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    Meclofenoxate (Lucidril)

    Anyone ever tried this nootropic? Im curious as its relatively inexpensive, and the increase in dopamine and serotonin levels might help my depressed ass. Plus at the cellular level, it can help your ATP levels, so thats a bonus for lifting.
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    Next Cycle

    Just some quick input if anyone has any suggestions for my next cycle. 32 yo Currently 165 pounds, 8-9% bf. This will be my 6th cycle over the last few years. Im going for 180 at 7-8% Ive lost a lot since my last cycle for variety of reasons. Want to get it back. What i was thinking: Sustanon...
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    Growth Hormone Questions

    What is proper dosing and length of use for GH? Also IM or Sub Q and injection sites? Ive seen a lot of different methods and information out there on this. Curious to what you guys think. I am 5-11 167 at 9% if that matters for this.
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    PCT Advice and help

    Long story short: I did a longer cycle of test and eq, (blast & cruise), followed by a 6 week pct. After a few weeks of feeling like shit, i went and got my blood work done and my test was 80. In the dumps. It was pretty clear my clomid was fake. Dr. wanted to put me on an hcg plan (he said 6...
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    Blood work issue

    Current stats: 5-11 165 8%bf this was 5th cycle Ive always had a tough time keeping my e2 in check, so during this cycle and reading these forums i switched from arimidex to aromisin. I still cant seem to gauge this shit correctly, and at this point I should have it figured out, so some...