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  1. SwollPatrol

    Sources that accept PayPal?

    I know it's a long shot, but are there any legitimate, verified sources left that accept PayPal? My old source was fine with it, but after years of service, they've decided to close up shop. The whole "cash in mail" thing is a huge pain for me and I don't do bitcoin. Again, I know it's a long...
  2. SwollPatrol

    IWGF and Peak Performance... top notch!

    Touchdown today. Thanks once again, IWGF, for the excellent support. Great service, great product! Order placed on the 19th and it arrived today. Not my first time ordering Peak Performance, and certainly not my last. IWGF is the man. Very satisfied. :)
  3. SwollPatrol

    Pharma Lady pulls through!

    I was one of the rare unlucky ones who had their entire order seized by customs last month. Pharma Lady made good on her word with a reship and... touchdown! Package arrived today and I couldn't be happier. Huge thanks to both Pharma Lady and cbbram for their patience and understanding...
  4. SwollPatrol

    Huge thanks to IWGF!

    Recently ordered some Peak Performance tren and some Axio test cyp from IWGF. Arrived quickly and I've already been pinning the tren. Love it! Very impressed with IWGF's response time, and the actual products seem top-notch. I'm definitely one satisfied client. Thanks again, IWGF! I'll be...
  5. SwollPatrol

    Thin D comes through yet again!

    Order placed Sunday, shipped Tuesday since Monday was a holiday, and it arrived today (Thursday). M.G.P., for the win! Huge thanks to Thin D. Arrived in time for my birthday tomorrow, so happy early birthday to me! I'll be celebrating my birthday with a few friends on Saturday, recovering...
  6. SwollPatrol

    When your source suddenly vanishes...

    I've been ordering internationally from a place that rhymes with "MalinChop" for over ten years, and despite mixed reviews, I've never been scammed. I've always received my order and it's arrived rather quickly. A few years ago the message board associated with their website stopped working, and...