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  1. Dean

    Pharmalady 5 star service

    I’ve just received my second order from pharmalady and I can’t say enough good thing about the service. I live in London ukand paid on a Wednesday and received my parcel the following Tuesday, really made my day Thanks pharmalady Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Dean

    GW501516 and Eca stack

    Hi, to the good people of the isarms forum. so I haven’t been able to workout in a few month because of a back injury (spondylolisthesis) and the weight has piled on. The physiotherapist has recommended that the only cardio I do is cycle on a stationary bike and swimming. I have some gw501516...
  3. Dean

    Blood test results

    Hi good people of the isarms forum, I'm gonna post some blood results and would really like some feed back. I haven't taken any aas in about 3month and I did a isarms recommeded pct. I appreciate any reply
  4. Dean

    Sub q pinning

    Hi good people of the isarms forum, I just want to say that I’m so gutted for dilan gemelli for his you tube channel being taken down after all the hard work and dedication he put it to, it it’s so wrong because he’s really helped a lot of people including myself I’m just glad I watched them all...
  5. Dean

    Anabolic/androgenic ratio side effects

    This is something I'm a little confused about and would appreciate if somebody could clear up for me. Testosterone is 100%anabolic and 100% androgenic and trenbolone is 500&500 so tren is 5x as potent as test and also 5x as harsh with side effect? Also winstrol is 320%anabolic and 30%...
  6. Dean

    Non sarm/ steroid Fat loss cycle

    Hello to the great people of the isarms forum I hope everybody is doing great, I’ve been posting here awhile now but I haven’t been available for quite sometime I’m always keeping up to date on mr gemelli’s videos and trying to stay in shape. My post for today is regarding a fat loss cycle, I’ve...
  7. Dean

    Constant Feeling of sickness

    I'm week 4 into my first Aas cycle I've ever done and it's not going well. I'm injecting 250mg test cyprionate a week split dosing half a ml Monday and half Thursday of pharmacom test cyp 250 which I bought from there website along with 12.5mg of aromasin oed also pharmacom, taking competitive...
  8. Dean

    AI weekly dosing

    Hello aas gods of the isarms forum another sinner in need of help. I'm currently taking pharmacom aromasin 25mg pills but I'm recommended 12.5mg every other day (at the moment) my problem is the pills are so small and hard to split when I try they go to pieces. So if I for instants I take 12.5mg...
  9. Dean

    Beginner Injection site info

    Let's say people I'm injecting in my glutes can pin the same side every week or should I rotate left to right each time or would it be better to go week 1 left glute right glute week two left quad right quad week three left felt right felt the repeat. Sorry if it's a dumb question people I just...
  10. Dean

    Test cyp for recomp

    Hi good people of the isarms forum, I hope everybody is doing well and achieving there goals.its been awhile since my last post but I've haven't gone anywhere I've just been reading and learning. Ok I did a sarms cycle what I found to be excellent, I dropped 15lb in weight and put on a bit of...
  11. Dean

    Liquid vs capsule facts

    Hello to the good people of the isarms forum, I hope your all ok and doing well. The question I have today is very diverse on opinions and something I would love to clear up. Liquid vs capsule sarms I know that people here are all for sarmsx as am I, I haven't tried any other company's because...
  12. Dean

    Sarms x price rise?

    Hey guys, I was just about to order my second cycle with sarms x and I've noticed the prices have gone up. I was very happy with the results of the first stack but was disappointed to see the huge jump up in price. My stack comes in two parcels so I have to pay for two deliveries and it's gonna...
  13. Dean

    Gw510516 confusion?

    Hi good people of the isarms forum, hope everybody is ok and doing well. The question I have today is about the running length of gw-510516 I've read on the forum that you shouldn't exceed 14 weeks without a 4 week break but many of the senior members run it during longer cycles, when ain't it...
  14. Dean

    12 week triple stack cycle

    triple stack cycle 4 week results 4 weeks today into my triple stack I and I've lost some body fat and gained a bit of muscle I could of been a bit better as for training and dieting but I'm happy with the results so far. I'll post more pictures at 8 weeks
  15. Dean

    Testosterone ????

    Ok good people of the isarms forum I'm currently doing sarms to get myself prepared for my first aas cycle next year so I'm trying to gather as much information as possible. I've watch a lot of videos and read a lot of threads and what I don't understand is the right dosing of testosterone ive...
  16. Dean


    Hi good people of the forum I hope your all doing well. There's conversation on here regulary about blood testing and I ain't got a clue what is being talked about. Can anybody give me a link to what I'm looking for in hormone levels and what hormones I need to pay attention to and were they...
  17. Dean


    I just want to thank the everybody on the forum for helping me make life long decisions that would have really bad long term effects on my health. I'm glad never listen to the people that I was put in contact with when I never had the slightest idea of a aas for example when I first met the...
  18. Dean

    First sarm cycle side effects

    ok I decided to do a cycle and after research and speaking to people on the forum sarms was the correct way to go . I received the triple stack a week ago (ostarine-gw-s4) and so far I haven't really felt anything but it's only been 5 days so I'm not expecting miracles here but what getting me...
  19. Dean

    Sarms Dosing confusion

    Hi, good people I just recieved my first sarms triple stack and I can't wait to get going but I'm confused at the dosing gw20mg is 1ml but mk25mg is .5ml ? . Can somebody help me out pls on what to take in ml dosing for the triple stack I've already been told Mk 25 mg a day S4 50mg per day...
  20. Dean

    Correct dosing of test

    Question? If I start taking testosterone cyp What would be the best dose I've been advised 350mg per week But some advise 250mg I'm not looking too gain a lot of size as its not good for my sport but all the other good stuff like recovery/strength cardio and a bit of muscle I've already spoken...