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    SAMSON Test Cyp + EQ Review

    Another SAMSON review, previously tried their Anavar and Test Cyp, great. This time some EQ, again, great, titrated up to 500mg this week, I've noticed better vascularity, higher strength numbers, all at the same weight. I can't speak on the enhanced cardio benefits yet though, will update on...
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    SAMSON Test Cyp (250mg/ml) + Anavar (20mg) Review

    Currently on week 4. This shit works, went up 10lbs, definitely not all muscle, some water retention, some glycogen being replenished from eating more, but I still have the same conditioning as before, and look a lot bigger. Will be ordering EQ from them. So far so good :)
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    SAMSON APT Anavar & Arimidex Review

    Got my products in pretty quick, less then a week for delivery. Customer service was dope, now as for the anavar, that shit was amazing. OHP went up insanely high, at least for me, and the pumps at only 40mg was insane. Arimidex also works as it should :) Planning on trying out another stack...