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    Pharmalady went above and beyond to assist me when some shipping issues happened that were truly my fault she still went above and beyond to ensure I got my order. 100% recommend.
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    Sarmsx vacation

    Just went to sarmsx and it says on vacation until November 15th followed by they will start filling orders on 9/15/17. So are they currently filling orders do you know Dylan?
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    Stacking Two Sarms

    With my current budget I can only stack two sarms, I'm looking to strictly add size. I have pretty much decided on LGD but I don't know which other to stack? I have considered osta, S4 or RAD which would you recommend?
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    Ostarine question

    I am 34 yrs old using ostarine only for 8 weeks first time using anything like this. What is the benefit or harm in stacking arimistane with it for the last 4 weeks. Is this common or unheard of? Is it harmful to any potential gains or just a waste?