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    Extended Fasting, ECA, and MK677

    240lbs 6'0 male, 24%BF, 26yo. Intermediate lifter(7yr purposeful) IF Advocate for 5years. So I've experimenting with alternate day fasting and IF. I complete full day fast Tues, Thurs, and Sunday, only water, fiber pills, fish oil, & MultiVitamins. Breaking my fast Mon, Wed, Fri, and Saturday @...
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    Advice for a newcomer

    --24yrs --6'0 --5 years of Active lifting history including a 9 month pause --225-235lbs --Approx. 20-25% BodyFat --46in Chest --18in Biceps --29in Quads --36in Waist --ENDOMORPH (Build if you follow that) --No prior enhancer use -- My Goal is Fatloss, Health, and Longevity Hello New Fam...