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    Time for TRT?

    Just got labs back (see attached). Test 170 and Estradiol <5.0. Everything else in "normal" (but low'ish) range. I am 40yo, 6'2', 200lbs. Currently running mk677 and GW. So, nothing suppressive. Just started Cel M-Test to try and boost my levels naturally. Pretty damn low though and I've been...
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    Doc says SHBG is high, which is why free test is low. All other results normal range. Is high SHBG a good or bad thing? Or an "it depends" thing? Currently between SARMS cycles, only taking MK677 and GW. No other supplements.
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    2nd cycle - all about the cut

    So, my first cycle was successful (LGD, GW & S4). Source Biotech. Great gains and some recomp. Only problem was I discovered I'm somewhat prone to suppression. I'm guessing it was the LGD mostly. For the next cycle my focus is on cutting and healing (spinal fusion two yrs ago, chronic...
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    Ending SARM cycle after 10 weeks

    No issues. Actually, last 2 weeks have been the best. But I leave tomorrow for 2 weeks in Europe with family. Should be active but not like hitting the gym regular. Cycle so far: GW, S4 and LGD Planning to stop and switch to mini PCT: GW, Clo and DGA. Good idea? How long should I be off...
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    AI during SARM cyle?

    Stats: 39yo 203lbs 6'2" 12%bf Cycle: 3 weeks in 10mg LGD daily in the morning 25mg GW daily in the morning 50mg S4 split day/night 25mg/ea The muscle gain has been great. Feels like what I put on is staying on. But there has been almost no cut. Diet is good, 80% paleo. Sticking to low sodium...
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    Labs - 2.5 weeks in - Supressed

    Just got labs back. Getting suppressed. Nothing surprising there. But would like to know if I should change anything with my cycle. Stats: 39yo 203lbs 6'2" 12%bf Cycle: 2.5 weeks in 10mg LGD daily in the morning 25mg GW daily in the morning 50mg S4 split day/night 25mg/ea Labs: FSH 3.8 LH 2.0...
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    Rad140 vs Lgd4033

    Metabolically and chemically I realize these are completely different products. But their place in a stack is not clear to me. At least with my goal, which is lean mass and some cutting (like 90% of the posts here). I'm planning on a gw+s4 12wk cycle but I want to throw in something stronger...
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    Looking for advice on first SARMS cycle

    Hola amigos. New here as well. Looking to start SARMs slooooow. Long time user of natural supplements...and naturally frustrated with the results. No interest in AAS. Would love advice on the right stack (or not stacked) to get started. Some stats first... 39yo 12%bf 6'2" 200lbs Lift ~5...