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    Acne from LGD

    Hey Guys, So since Ive started LGD for about two weeks or so longer, Ive gotten a decent amount of acne on my arms, no where else just my arms. I know that plenty of factors could come into play here that being eating, sweating, oily skin, etc. Lately Ive been tanning and using Clearasil twice a...
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    LGD Question

    Hey Guys, Was just wondering if its normal to break out somewhat from the LGD, since ive started Ive been breaking out a little bit on my arms. Not really anywhere else tho. No big deal right?
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    LGD Questions

    Hey Guys, I don't wanna speak to soon but I've just started taking the LgD and within two days I've noticed strength gains and size added. Is this expected this fast? Also was wondering if u can take LgD year round?
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    LGD Bottle

    Hey Guys, So just started my LgD cycle , Is it big deal about the white floaters in the bottle from the different temperatures, do I have to like put it in water to get rid of them or could I just take it just like that?
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    LGD Cycle Help

    Hey Guys , Was just wondering if it's a problem switching from a lgd capsule cycle to a liquid cycle . So I'm at the beginning of my capsule cycle and have purchased the lgd from sarmsx , would it be a problem if I switched to the liquid halfway in? Also wondering how to properly take the lgd...
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    Quick question! Delivery

    Hey Guys, All you experienced users just wondering how long it takes for the products from SarmsX to get delivered ? I ordered Sunday and still haven't got yet.
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    SarmsX LGD

    Hey Guys, So I was Just wondering about the LGD being sold by SarmsX. All I hear is good things about this site and its products and I know theres many other complanies selling LGD in liquid form like Sarms1, Southern Sarms, etc. I just want to make sure I'm purchasing the right product from the...