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    Sampson Supplies

    Is he still around? I remember seeing him on this board a while back but haven’t heard anything about him for awhile. Still gtg?
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    Robolics Tren Ace touchdown

    Hey guys, just got my tren ace from Robo in today. Not much comms between us but ordering process was super easy and got here in only a few days. I was on Hipo's tren 50mg ed and didn't feel anything so I upped it to 100mg ed and still felt nothing. As a first time user, there's no way I...
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    Hipocampus and Pharmacom gear pics and ordering experience

    Hey guys, here's a pic of Pharmacom's test e 300 and hipo's tren ace 100. Pharmacom is amazing and probably the best in my eyes as everything I've used from them is always on point. TA was 5 days after he shipped it. As for Hipo, this is the first time I've used him and the ordering experience...
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    Do any sources here carry ambien or any other sleeping meds?

    I have terrible sleeping problems and my doc is a cunt and won't help me out. Just tells me to go buy melatonin as if I haven't already tried.. Anyway, does anyone have a source they could pm me? I can get stuff on the deep web but i really don't wanna be fucking around in there. Thanks
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    Pharma Lady testo cyp, deca, and dbol

    Just wanted to report another smooth transaction with PL. Got my package in 3 days which always amazes me. I'm currently starting week 2 of her Platinum Biotech test cyp and deca. It's actually insane because I've gotten NO pip whatsoever which is fucking awesome... lets just hope its not...
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    How to prevent acne during/after PCT?

    Hey guys, I NEVER get ANY acne during cycle.. we're talking crystal clear.. but by about the second week of pct (clomid/nolva) I'm covered in acne all over my face, chest, back, shoulders... I am aware this is due to hormone fluctuations, but is there any way to prevent this? I'm currently on...
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    6 Week Post PCT Blood Work w/ PL's GA

    Just got my blood work back 6 weeks after pct and everything looks excellent. This was my first cycle: Test E (Thiagar Pharma) 500mg/wk Global Anabolics Turinabol 40mg 3 weeks kickstart (this was a part of the sample she gave me so it wasn't enough for a full 6 weeks but it was def gtg)...
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    Package came through, but suspicious delivery?

    Hey guys, So I just got my package from Pharmalady, and a person delivered it to me that wasn't in uniform and drove a regular car. I questioned her and she said she works for USPS and that they ran out of mail trucks so she used her own car. So does USPS contract people to do deliverys or was...
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    Tbol as a kicker or finisher?

    Hi All, I'm new here so I'd first like to thank you guys for creating such an amazing forum, as I've been a lurker reading up on info and researching. I'm waiting on some gear from Pharmalady and am getting a free pack of tbol as part of this month's special (thanks PL!). I've been trying to...