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    Is one week off Cardarine sufficient enough to not desensitize ? I read everywhere it's 2-3 weeks but just wondering if anybody has any experience with just 1 week off?
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    Sarms Color

    Sorry if I'm wasting your guys time and this might not even matter but out of all the times I've purchased SR-9009 it's always been baby blue. But the one I just received is purple. Is it just a different color dye or what? Just interested to know that's all
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    Just wondering if anybody notices any differences when dosing 10mg as opposed to 5mg. I've been doing 5mg per every two or three hours but I was thinking of just doing 10mg every 3 hours, 3 times a day. It would make it easier to be consistent that way, but again does anybody have experience...
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    Stenabolic Question

    Have a question about Stenabolic, I was wondering is it only effective while you dose it since the half life is so short? Meaning once you hit your 30mg/40mg is the metabolism enhancing effects gone for the day? Or does it stay with you throughout the day as long as you get 30/40mg? I know It...
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    Stenabolic Question

    Anybody ever try a bulk using Sr9009? Is it optimal and Is there any benefit to this? I would assume it would minimize the fat gain but is that correct? Does anybody have any experience doing this? I'm thinking about it, to sort of do a lean bulk but what are your guys thoughts?