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    Hello guys. So I?ve been taking Masteron prop for going on 3 weeks. I?ve read about the sides on here and honestly I haven?t experienced any, not even increased libido, if anything I feel like my libido has gone down. I?m taking: Test cyp 300 a week Tren Ace 300 a week Mast Prop 300 a week...
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    So I know this might sound dumb but how do you lower progesterone? Aromatizar inhibitors lower estrogen, caber lowers prolactin now what lowers progesterone?
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    Blood Work

    Hello Guys, Currently on: Test 300mg a week TrenA 300mg a week MastP 300mg a week Aromasin 1 tablet 25mg eod Did some blood work and I?m concerned about prolactin (obviously need caber) progesterone and Estradiol. Should I increase my Aromasin to 1 a day? Is there any other thing I can take...
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    Samson Supplies Review

    I ordered and followed instructions and just like they said is how I got my package. They said 7 business days and got it in 6 business days. Package was very discreet, fast to respond and very polite. I look forward to seeing my results. I will share what I feel and how gains come along.
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    Female Cycle

    Hello guys. My wife has been on Anavar before and really not seen massive strength gains or definition. She?s been off right now and currently in pretty good shape. We are considering having her take 15mg if Test 1 a week and 30mg of masteron every 3 days and include winni. Is this a good cycle...
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    Weird residue in testosterone vial

    Hello guys just wanted to check and see if anyone has experienced this before. My test via shows this weird like dust like material in the bottom of the vial. I?ve posted a pictures.
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    Help with Cycle pls

    Hello everyone so I started a cycle about 6 weeks ago. I?m on: Test 300 a week Tren 400 a week Anavar 30g a day Hcg 1400iu a week I have noticed I am a lot leaner then when I started but don?t realize or can?t get any strength gains. I?ve been on point on my diet, even cut out carbs to o my...
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    Anyone heard of this brand? Celtech Labs

    Here’s a pic of the product. Let me know if anyone has seen this before and if it’s legit.
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    Test, Anavar, Clomid & HCG at the same time?

    Hello guys so I came across this ex weightlifter competitor and he’s in pretty solid shape. I asked him if he could get me any gear and he said says. He also recommended for a guy my size and for what I want to just take Anavar, test, clomid and HCG all together. I asked him isn’t clomid and HCG...
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    HGH blood work

    So because of I starting doubting my source I got this test done and results came back within normal range for IGF-1. I’ve been injecting HGH Jintropin Somatropin ( See attached pictures) for 2 months now and I would think this should be at a higher level. Is this the right test for HGH? Is...
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    Identifying Fake or Real Gear

    Hello guys, new to the forum here. I purchased from a local guy that a friend recommended but I don’t know if he’s someone I can trust. First cycle ever he wanted me to take test,Tren,mast,Winn,Anavar, and clen. I was like that’s way to much for a first cycle and after watching some videos I...