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    Masteron | Proviron

    Sup fellas, What?s better to run along side Test C. Mastron or Proviron? 💪🏼
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    Hey fellas, I need some assistance with nolvadex. I can’t remember but does this medication help with gyno? Thanks again!
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    High LH and FSH

    Sup guys, Had a quick question why my LH and FSH are high. Just got lab results and everything else was in normal range but LH at 10.7 (1.7 - 8.6) and FSH at 13.0 (1.5 - 12.4) I’m on Test C at 500mg per week and 25mg aromasin once a week. Any thoughts? Thanks!
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    Deca EQ

    Sup fellas, First time with EQ. Through week 9. I heard it gives you hunger symptoms, which is good since I’m bulking. My last cycle was just deca, and I was hungry all the time, also a good thing while bulk. But the cycle not so much, I basically want to puke every time I eat. Consuming...
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    Pharma Lady

    I wanted to share my experience when using an international supplier. This was my first time using international, and based off it, I most likely won’t ever again. But if I do, I’ll use PL. Unfortunately my very first order was seized...and what a fucking headache. But she reshipped my order...
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    Kick start cycle

    I’m thinking of kick starting my Deca/EQ cycle with anadrol. What dose should I run it?
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    Gear for females

    Sup fellas, I know we discussed this before but I need some advice on cycle for my female friends. They want to run winstrol and anavar. Just need some input on doses and timeline. Thanks
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    I’m going to add EQ to my up and coming bulk cycle of Test C/Deca. I wanted to know how often to pin EQ. I was planning on pinning it same day as Test/Deca. Sunday and Thursdays. I’m new to EQ and not sure exactly how often to pin, so let me know. Thanks
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    Bulk cycle

    What are some of your favorite bulking cycles? Mine is simple Test/Deca. But I’ve read a lot of people enjoy Sustanon with Tren and Anadrol. I’m curious to know some of the favorites that worked the best for you guys.
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    Need some advice

    I’m starting to plan my next cycle and wanted some advice and feedback from everyone. My goals are always the same, add muscle and stay lean. Current stats: 6’1 14% BF 195lbs lean mass 228lbs body weight Calories are between 4K - 4,500K 300g protein 550g carbs 70g fats I’m looking to add...
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    After cycle

    Sup guys... I finished my Tren cycle a week ago. I’m wondering about the side effects and when they will subside. I’m mainly concerned about insomnia and how and when this will be over. I feel like I’m already sleeping better, but falling a sleep can still be a challenge. I was using Ace, I’ve...
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    I need some input from you guys on Tren Ace sides. The only side I have noticed is insomnia. I’m at 300mg/weekly My question (as stupid as it sounds) can Tren make you fatigued? I feel like during the day, I don’t have a ton of energy. And when I hit the gym after work , usually around...
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    Axio Results with labs

    Sup fellas... Just got my labs back. For you guys that don’t remember, I’m using axio Test C/Tren A 500mg/300mg weekly. I’m sad to say testosterone is low at 1080 ng/dL - shouldn’t it be 500x5=2,500? Hmm... Prolactin is also low, at 0.3 range of 4.0 - 15.2 ng/mL (hahah oops... caber is legit...
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    Okay guys, I’m about to run my Tren cycle and just got labs back. Need some assistance to why my prolactin is so high. Currently I’m on my TRT and aromasin 240mg/week and 25mg aromasin eod (I was testing out the quality of the aromasin) Prolactin 25.6 HIGH 4.0-15.2 ng/mL Estradiol 5.9 LOW...
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    Math question lol

    Hey guys, just need a quick math check. If I run 300mg/week Tren A and pin EOD would that equal to 80mg per pin?
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    New year, new cycle

    Sup fellas! Hope everyone had a great Christmas and blessed New Years. I’m looking for some input on a tren cycle. I’ve run Test C/Deca in the past and not exactly sure dosing for tren. Also if I should use Tren E or A, I’m opt for A, and if Test C is OK with tren A. I’m looking for 12-16 week...
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    Bridge assistance

    Sup fellas! I need some recommendations and assistance on which Sarms to run for my bridge. I have about 4 weeks left of my current cycle. If some don't remember it's Test C 500mg/Deca 350mg. My goal for bridge is to maintain muscle mass or even add more. Currently I'm 12% BF and would want to...
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    A weird side effect

    Has anyone had an issue with bad breath while on cycle? My wife said last cycle and current one, that my breath has been bad. Like sour milk or some kind of dairy smell. I don't notice it, but I think we don't notice our own bad breath in general. Wondering if anyone has run into this problem...
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    Sup fellas, I wanted to know what's the half life of aromasin. Currently I'm running Test C 700mg weekly and Deca 350mg I'm taking 25mg aromasin EOD and my e2 is 68. I'm going to start 25mg daily and even jump to 50mg daily. From previous experience I'm very sensitive to testosterone...
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    Off-cycle assistant

    I've been off cycle now for 10 weeks and will start my second cycle the beginning of July. Just a recap, I ran Test C/Deca 500/350 for 12 weeks. I made good gains and strength.. I also do a bod pod which measures muscle mass, fat, weight etc.. I added 20 lbs of muscle during cycle but 4 weeks...