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    Splits or full body routine??

    Hey im trying to put together my workout plan and im confused about doing splits or full body workouts im bulking and been training for a year i need to get the most of my workouts
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    methoxyisoflavone a scam?

    Hey i was surfing through the web and came accros methoxyisoflavone that i know nothing about so i searched it and read that methoxyisoflavone and its flavone famiely are a promising hardgainers supplement which i doubt So the question is methoxyisoflavone an effective supplement or its just...
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    Mass gaining guide

    Hey guys i want your advices about mass gaining what to eat and how much and the best supplements for that and the best training program for this goal. I have tried mass gainers like truemass didn't benefit too much(about 2-3 pounds) and i take creatine which helped a lot in my recovery and...
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    17 year old sarms?

    Hey, im a huge fan of your videos i really listen to your tips and i need your advice I am a 17 year old man i weight around 65KG and i am 178 cm My goal is to gain lean muscle mass I am thinking about using sarms or i might use a steroid if its gonna help me reach my goal with the least...