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    Test Deca cycle help...

    5'10 200pounds Finished ultra recomp stack 8 weeks ago Went from 220 down to 200 From 16% body fat to 12% Had great results with a very good diet. Did about 4 cycles in my 20s im 37.. Knowing what i know today.. I did cycles all wrong, lucky i didnt have any terrible sides. Have used test deca...
  2. J

    Triple x for women?

    So i was reading thread of triplex stack and read a post about if his lady took it.. Does this do anything for women?
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    Sarms Question

    Have about 4 weeks left of ultra recomp stack with great results. About to start tongkat ali for the last 4 weeks then go into pct with gw and clomid... I see for steroid cycles you throw in mk2866 for pct.. Would it be beneficial for me to do that?. Its basically the only sarm i have not tried...
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    Tongkat ali

    Can someone help me out with a good brand. Dylan you said you had some close acquaintances use in pct.. I would like to use same one.. There are so many different options and i would like to purchase one ..where members already had good results with.. Thankyou
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    DAA week 9

    Coming into week 9 of my sarm stack.. Was wondering what a good brand of DAA is. I see alot out there with other test boosting ingredients? And just read the post of tongkat ali. Any members input on what i should buy is appreciated.
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    DAA week 9

    So coming up on week 9 on my sarms stack.. I was wondering what brand of DAA to buy.. There are some that come combined with other test booster ingredients.. Just wondering what worked good for members here??
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    Sarmsx stack feedback

    Ok. So im in week 5 of my sarms stack. Gw rad s4 and lgd. Wanted to let any newcomer know that sarmsx products are legit. Every workout since week 3 has gotten better and better.. Today i did chest and im amazed the strenght ive gained.. Just as a reference i was doing 275 on bench for 3 now we...
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    Sarms X Haters

    So im currently on a ultra recomp stack. Rad gw s4 lgd.. Im 1 week in and fully commited. Ive been on every message board for months prior to purchasing and felt SarmsX is the best choice.. The information i see from moderators and reps.. I know is correct. When you google SarmsX company or...
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    Midnight Snack

    I have my last meal at 8-9 oclock at night.. Yet i always get up in the night starving.. I keep eating a bowl of cheerios.. I hope its not that bad.. I dont like eating those carbs at night but its quick and easy.. I would like cottage cheese but cant stand the taste or even look at it.. Any...
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    Appetite suppressant .. Fat Burner

    So my girlfriend has been getting into a nice routine. Going atleast 4 or 5 days a week. She is 35 years old 5'3 . 145 pounds.. She does cardio and weights for high reps.. Her weight is remaining the same and i told her it could be cause your adding muscle.. MY REAL opinion is she eats like a...
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    Sarm stack

    I had a previous post i cant find.. But i received my order today.. 12 weeks of RAD LGD S4 n GW. Just wanted the correct dosing and how to use liquid cialis. Thankyou for your help
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    Need diet help

    So i just purchased the ultra recomp stack. I want to add as much lean muscle as i can, while dropping alittle fat. My diet is plain and basic.. Oatmeal and eggs Turkey, chicken, pork, lean beef Carbs.... Brown rice and sweet potato Vegetables.. Broccoli spinach greenbeans Peanut butter and...
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    Sarms use instuctions

    Was wondering if you had to shake bottle before use?? And if i should try to let dissolve under tong. Or if i just put in mouth and swallow??
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    Sarmsx ordering info

    I made a purchase yesterday. This morning i got an update as CB FORM - HOLD. Does anyone know what this means
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    Want to try real sarms

    Ok my name is jim.. Im 5'10. 215 pounds around 15 percent bodyfat. Im 36 now and have done gear on my 20's. 6 or 7 cycles but knowing what i know now. Never did correctly. I live with my girlfriend and 11 year old and dont feel like hiding pins and my extreme gains.. Im in very good shape...