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  1. Freestyle Kyle

    SARMS and Testosterone Levels

    I am currently on TRT and have been running a SARMS cycle of GW and S-4 for approximately 4 weeks now (20mg GW, 75mg of S-4 which I only recently increased). I have an upcoming blood test from my TRT doctor in a couple weeks, to check my levels and everything, so I wondering if there is a risk...
  2. Freestyle Kyle

    When to UP my S-4 dose?

    I have been taking 20mg GW and 50mg S-4 daily, according to Dylans protocol, for the last several weeks. (Approximately 4 weeks). I have had absolutely ZERO bad sides, but I have seen the absolutely amazing endurance boosts from GW (seriously, this stuff is amazing). I have not had ANY of the...
  3. Freestyle Kyle

    S-4 / GW strategy question

    So i purchased a cycle of GW and S-4 recently, but as you all know it is fairly pricey. My budget allowed me enough tobuy an amount hat allows me to run 50mg of both SARMS daily for 12 week. My question is this: lets say I go 6 weeks on 50mg of each and I have no bad side effects or anything. Do...
  4. Freestyle Kyle

    SARMS strategy question

    So I have recently purchased 12 weeks worth of S-4, as well as 12 weeks worth of GW-501516. My question is, do you honestly think that I would get more from running both of them together for 12 weeks? Or by running one for 12, taking a few weeks off, and then running the other for 12? Keep in...
  5. Freestyle Kyle

    GW-501516 / S-4 cycle question

    Hey guys. In a little bit of a pickle here.......I recently bought some Gw-501516 and some S-4 but I mistakenly did not buy enough. I have about 6 weeks worth of each. Would it be better for me to run them both together for six weeks? Or would running the entire 6 weeks of GW-501516 1st and then...
  6. Freestyle Kyle

    TRT and Body Building

    I was curious what you guys think about this because there is quite a bit of conflicting information out there. Some sources say that testosterone is not reallyyyy as important for building a great body as people think. It will be hard to gain mass of course, but these sources and discussions...
  7. Freestyle Kyle

    on TRT and decided to run a cycle. Please Help.

    Hi Everyone, I'm honored to be officially making my first post here. This forum and its posters, as well as Dylan himself, are awesome people. But I won't bore you with what you already know ;) , I'll just get right to it. I am 30 years old. I used to watch Dylan's videos long ago because the...