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  1. Jmike

    Mid cycle blood work

    I’m currently on 350 mg test e ew and 450 decca ew with .5 arimidex eod and .25 of caber e3d. my estradiol came back a 9.9 with the reference range 7.6-42.6 and prolactin came back a .5 with a range of 4-15.2. I’m wondering if I should drop the Caber all together or cut it in half? And with my...
  2. Jmike

    Tamoxifen citrate?

    I can’t remember where I heard it but I watched a video a while back talking about how tamoxifen citrate has less milligrams than tamoxifen. I think they said something like 20 mg tamoxifen citrate is equal to 15 mg of tamoxifen. I’ve tried finding the video again and even tried researching...
  3. Jmike

    Gyno issue

    I know without blood work it’s just going to be speculation but has anyone ever heard of someone having a gyno flare up 2 months after pct was over. I’m going next week to get my blood work done but just curious if anyone has experienced anything like this before.
  4. Jmike


    What payment method does everyone use when ordering from reliablerxpharmacy?
  5. Jmike

    Does anyone have a promo code for true nutrition

    I’m getting ready to to place another order at true nutrition and was wondering if anyone has a promo code before I place my order
  6. Jmike

    Mid cycle low estrogen

    I got my blood work back and my estrogen, lh and fsh is all low. Estrogen is <5.0, lh is 0.1 and fsh is< 0.2. 1-12 Test e 500 mg ew 1-12 arimidex .25 eod Winstrol last 4 weeks but wasn’t taking it when i had blood drawn Pct Novladex 40/40/20/20 Clomid 50/50/25/25 Aromason 12.5 eod Gw 20mg ed...
  7. Jmike

    Mid cycle blood work

    There are a few flags on some things that I’m sure about, if I could get some insight on this I would appreciate it. Taking test e 500 ew with arrimidex .25 eod. [ATTACH=CONFIG]5355[/ATTAC
  8. Jmike

    tattoos and steriods

    I know this might sound kind of weird but has anyone else ever had problems getting a tattoo while on cycle? last night I went to have work done and my tattoo artist said he was having to go over everything 4 times as much as normal because my skin wasn't holding ink and that he was having to...
  9. Jmike


    I was wanting to get some opinions on roids24 and some of the brands they carry. I have ordered through them before but only nolva, clomid and aromasin and just put in an order for some gw. I have done a little research and was thinking about going with radjay but I would like to get some other...
  10. Jmike

    creatine and steriods

    I was reading somewhere that when you're on steroids you should double your creatine dosage to 10g a day but have also read other places not to take more than 5g a day. I was curious as to everyone's thoughts on this and peoples experiences with it if anyone has tried this. I am currently just...
  11. Jmike

    mid cycle bloodwork question

    I trying to order my mid cycle bloodwork from private md labs and I'm not sure which one to select. Hormone Panel with Testosterone LC/MS-MS or Hormone Panel with F&T Testosterone LC/MS-MS, I'm not really sure what the difference is, I got my pre cycle through my primary care doctor but I...
  12. Jmike

    new guy intro

    What's up, my name is mike. I've been following this forum for a long time but just recently became a member. I appreciate what yall do here and am happy to finally be apart of the community. I've been training off and on for 15 years. I had major back surgery when I was 25 and reinjured it...