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    1-Stop Domestic Shop - PM me for a list.

    Any black friday deals? lol
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    Bpc 157

    Has anyone tried this and it worked? Its relatively inexpensive so I was thinking of giving it a go...
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    Steroidify - Monster 4th of July Sale! Up to 50% Off!

    Man i want to do this but dont trust getting it anytime soon if at all :(
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    These are half priced until tomorrow - Act quick

    How is the shipping and customs going lately??
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    Dylan Gemelli EU/Axio Fall and Winter Shredding Log..

    Dude, same shit here. I've had so many complications from the hernia surgery and they still cant figure out what's going on. It's set me back almost 2 years. Feeling like shit, my abs are gone, weird pains in my stomach, having to push to piss, lethargic constantly. It's the worst fucking thing...
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    Liver issues

    You would think so lol. If anything these forums have taught us over the years, you cant rely on doctors always. Just like every job out there, there are good and bad ones. I've been to 3 though that cant answer this. Thanks though figured it was worth a try here.
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    Liver issues

    Yeah no hep, did those tests as well. Dont smoke, dont drink, nothing. I havent cycled anything in a long time and if any of that caused damage it would show or been fixed by discontinuing. They literally have no clue and I've been damn confused and feeling like shit for a long time.
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    Liver issues

    Make a long story short guys, I've had high urobilinogen in my urine for a while now. My ast alt are fine, however my alkaline phosphatase levels are high too. The doctors have been baffled as to what is causing this. I even had a liver biopsy and it showed nothing severe. I am on trt. My dr...
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    Liver Blood Work

    After doing some research, it seems Clomid, and tamoxifen can effect liver counts of alkaline phosphatase. My blood work currently shows: 202- alk p Ast- 26 Alt- 47 This was taken at the end of pct. I was only on 200mg of test. No orals. My prior blood work 4 months showed Alk p- 165 Ast- 22...
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    Worst Dr I've had

    You're telling me man. I calm my shit the last year and don't feel the need to mess with any of these whores out there, but apparently I'm the whore ���� I usually do those labs but since I moved nearest is 4 hours away :(
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    Worst Dr I've had

    Went to the Dr to get my kidneys checked and just all my routine blood work. Just moved so this a new Dr I've never been to. Get in after waiting 30 min, start telling him I want my kidneys checked because I'm having slight pain. He asks a few questions about urine color. Then says it's probably...
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    Equipoise/Test cycle question

    Dude you know using at a young age messed you up. Instead of trying to fix it, you want to further extend the damage and supress it. Then you want to run an oral for 16 weeks??? Are you fucking hellbent on ruining your life? You clearly havent watched his videos, and are being as reckless and...
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    Intermittent fasting facts and fiction explained: by RickRock

    I see it mentioned all the time for cutting but what about bulking? In theory as long as ypu have your macros and calories down, you'd grow. But will it make you feel less energy mental clarity by having larger portions, and will the benefit of staying lean still be there?
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    Clenbuterol advice

    Lol that made me laugh pretty good. Dude you seriously need to just google meal/diet plans. Its not hard. Youre taking time to post stuff here that would take as long as the search. You clearly want someone to do this for you with no effort yourself. Bloating means you arent eating proper foods...
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    Clenbuterol advice

    Your diet is clearly not good bro. And my guess is you are lacking proper cardio. Throw the clen in the garbage. Its shit and will mess you up. Almost killed me at a low dose (no joke) and i was under 10% and did a lot of cardio. Do not touch it! Get your ass on a treadmill or running outside...
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    How to become a nutritionist: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    i said it was a joke. and she should have just asked me. that turned into a fight. shes an ex for a reason haha
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    HCG question

    bro come on. simple, mix 9ml bacteriostatic water. now you have 10 ml at 10,000 iu. so 1 ml would be 1,000. .5 ml 500. boom, youre set.
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    Elevated Prolactin - Meeting with Endo

    How do you feel is the big question? You could just have natural elevated levels if you do not know what it was before. I doubt the tren would be causing this as so long has passed. Any medications curently that can cause a slight elevation?
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    How to become a nutritionist: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    Finishing up my nutrition degree now, that Ive put off for so long. lol. Between working in the supplement industry for almost 4 years now (85% of it is useless), my nutrition classes, steroid knowledge from trial, error, and a shit ton of research, I think I will be ahead of the rest of these...
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    6th cycle

    Thanks bros! Appreciate it.