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    Gw501516 & Mk2866

    Hi, I have recently started my Pct after coming off a 14 week sus 250 cycle, it my third test cycle only. Doing normal nolva and clomid I?ve added in Gw501516 & MK2866 this time round 20 mg a day on training days for both and 10mg for both on non training days Energy levels are good but I...
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    Sarm it! Brand any good ??

    I bought mk677 10mg and lgd 4033 5mg tablets in the uk anyone heard on this brand and is it any good?? just started them and took 2 tablets 2 hours before bed and it makes me feel knackered I have a injury to my scapula area, will it help to heal haven?t trained for 5 weeks now back in the gym...
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    Blood work uk

    Anyone got any good links so I can get bloods checked. Also just finished cycle so is it ok to get them checked now or do I have to wait I have some sensations in my nipples I want to check out Thanks
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    I have just finished a test only cycle and my nipples are really sensitive and sometimes even like a burning sensation I am taking arimidex .5 eod and I have started taking 20mg x2 of nolvadex which I wasn’t due to start until next week feeI like I am panicking a bit. Should I increase the...
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    Just coming off cycle

    Will be finishing a 12 week sus 250 500 mg of test a week. I what’s the best sarms to use to keep gains. And are they ok to run with hcg and arimidex and nolva and clomid Thanks
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    Itchy chest

    Hi, I am on my 2nd cycle of test only, 500mg of sustanon 250 a week pinning twice a week i take .5 of arimidex on days of pinning and that has seemed to work. The last 2 weeks I have been getting a itchy chest not Nipples just chest area. I upped my arimidex to .5 min mon wed Thursday but the...
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    Pct after 12 week sus 250

    Should I start using hcg week 10 or 11 run it 2 x 500 iu a week for 4 weeks then a week break then start using 40mg nolva + 50 clomid (2 weeks) 20mg nolva + 50 clomid (2 weeks) thanks in advance Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    If starting trt in future

    What harm could doing a couple of cycle beforehand. Tia Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
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    Low Testosterone

    HI 42yrs old 5ft 6 Never cycled Trained alot in my twenties early thirties Have had a gap now been in the gym last couple of years gains have not been great been fatigued alot strength not grt excess fat won't shift. No morning wood. drive low etc My bloods came back at. serum test 11.2...
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    test results

    got my test results back and it says there 11.2nmol/L (10.0-30.0) would you say this is low for 42 yr old thinking if doing test only cycle thx Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
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    which sarms to start on

    age 42 height 1m 69cm weights 80.3kg Bf 22% done 1.5 yrs boot camps now started back in the gym after few years off never done steriods only used creatine and whey protein after being in the gym for a few months loving the weights but struggling with recovery ideally I want to do 3 days...