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    Pharma Lady TD, top notch

    Wanna give a quick shout out to cbbram and pharmalady for the top notch service. I've ordered several times in the last few months and she always come through. she goes the extra mile to make sure your happy. She's good to go No pics from me don't want to compromise anything, hell you know what...
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    Sarm for pct

    I know it's best to run both Gw & mk2866 during pct but if You were only going to run one which one would be better to run. I'm thinking mk 2866.
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    Pharma Lady has the sweets

    I got my birthday cake from pharma lady woohoo. It took about 9 days for my cake to get here but it's here and safe, That's all that matters. We can't forget that it takes a little time because Of location, good things come to those who have patience. I may order candles an streamers soon lol
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    BGS touchdown

    Ordered last Monday an got my superman comic book today in the mail, very nice Transaction, good communications. I will order a batman comic book at a later date.
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    I've still not got enough never yet to Order online so I got some from a local, so I got test/anadrol. When I looked at the mfg it said biotech lol go figure
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    Looking for a winter bump then spring/early Summer

    Dylan I've been watching your vids on YouTube and you seem to know your shit, so I'm looking for advice m . My stats: 42 old 5'9 205-210lbs bf 10-12% I can see the top abs a little. It's hard to guess body fat, I got veins in shoulders, traps running down both biceps n across the biceps...