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    Blood work

    Hello Is doing total testo and fsh lh enough?
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    Sarm recomp stack

    Hello I've found two stacks it's all stacked in one pill i want your advice on which stacks works best for me as a beginner skinny fat.. I want to recomp First stack is 25MG GW501516 CARDARINE 50MG S4 ANDARINE 50MG MK2866 OSTARINE Second is RAD-140 15MG/ML MK-2866 25MG/ML GW501516 20MG/ML
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    Recomp stack

    Hello 80kg 175cm 22yo im thinking of running Gw10mg lgd20mg mk 20mg How long should i run it for For recomp is it a good stack also can i make it 10 each since I'm a beginner skinny fat What about pct should i do or don't run pct
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    Skinny fat

    Hello. I'm 22 years skinny fat 175cm 80kg I've butt fat and abs fat as well with narrow skinny arms shoulders back I'm really confused should I bulk or cut? I bought lgd 4033 and ostarine I've both..I've been hitting the gym and eating about 3200 calories like 550 above maintenance my weight...