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    Source for HMG?

    HMG is a little more difficult to source than HCG. Any ideas? NOTE: Dylan, the forum's settings doesn't allow us to search for three letter words. It would be helpful if 3 letter words were searchable. Capitalist
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    Who has the best Turinabol?

    Hepatotoxicity and I had hypertension... my blood pressure went through the roof. If you worried about pinning, stick with SARMS. Capitalist
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    4 weeks of LGD from sarms1

    For LGD, no... I ran a simple PCT protocol for my last SARMS cycle. Note, my post says, "I run HCG during test runs..." Capitalist
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    Newbie Pinning Details

    Here's the other one that's good: That's it!! Capitalist
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    Newbie Pinning Details

    Here's one:
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    Newbie Pinning Details

    Plenty of YouTube videos... find the one with a M.D. in Mobile, AL (or close to that location).. he shows you how to inject in outer thigh. It's much easier for me than glutes. Capitalist
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    Who has the best Turinabol?

    TBol has some sides that can be tough to deal with too. There are better options but I agree with others here. At 23, if you're not gaining, your diet or your intensity/form needs improving. Capitalist
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    4 weeks of LGD from sarms1

    You shouldn't play around with PCT. I'd suggest you focus as much on PCT as your cycle. I run HCG during test runs and follow up with extensive PCT. Otherwise, you'll screw up your hormonal recovery. Capitalist
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    Need something to wake up early

    Having a Backlog of Crap to get done in life will weigh me down. The best thing I found to get up fast and easy, organize the crap to be done and have a GOAL big enough to get you excited... YES, a cold shower every morning or a contrasting shower is a great addition. Capitalist
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    S4, Osterine, Pharm Cyp, and LGD4033 - How to Stack?

    I'm ordering LGD from SarmsX and I have the rest including script for Cyp. What would a good 8 to 12 week stack. I also have 5,000 IU hcg. Any stack suggestions? Capitalist
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    Melatonin II source...

    melanotan II source... About to order from SarmsX and they do not carry melanotan II.. What the best sources? Capitalist