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  1. J

    Blood work

    So I've got to ask as I see you guys publishing blood work a lot, how are you guys getting this done like what are you saying to your doctors without them getting suspicious XD LOL
  2. J

    MK677 cycles

    Hi guys, So after a recent post I decided that I'm going to try an mk677 along with GW but now I'm a little confused as to how mk677 cycles work originally I was under the impression that you would just take 25mg a day for six months to a year and that seemed simple enough but I recently read...
  3. J

    Anyone started taking Sarms at the age of 19/20?

    Just wondering if anyone on this forum started sarms at 19/20 or younger and had any advice for me, i wanted to get a stack of LGD, RAD, MK677 and GW but i thought that maybe too suppresive to begin with (would you agree or disagree with that?) so im now thinking of a stack i saw on Dylan's...