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    S4 in the off season for women

    Hi guys - Female figure competitor back with a question. Is there a benefit to running S4 in my offseason? I'm obviously not at my leanest (10-12 lbs above stage weight). If I'm not looking to harden, could I still get size benefits out of it. Or is the compound more for when I'm in season...
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    SarmsX Quality on Point

    Hi. I would just like to write a positive review regarding Sarmsx products. I am not paid, or compensated in anyway. Just strictly a bodybuilder (like everyone here) looking for quality products to add to my toolkit. Over the course of the last year I have ordered from multiple research...
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    Pharmacom Labs

    Hi! Can someone help me order from Pharmacom Labs? Can I just use the site? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Winstrol versus S4 for Women

    Hi everyone!! I'm always so appreciative of everyone's feedback on this forum, and I am asking for your help one more time. As I have mentioned before, I am a figure competitor here in the Northeast. Many figure competitors use winny in the final 8 weeks for the final "hardened" look. As I...
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    SR9009 dosing for women

    Hi everyone! Thank you so much for all of the advice so far. I've tried searching, but I can't seem to find the correct SR9009 dosing for women? I even watched Dylan's video, but I must've still missed it. I've read in some thread that the dose is 30, but others 40. Thank you so much...
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    RAD140 and Anavar for women

    RAD140 for women Hi All - I've been following the few women that post on here, and I wanted to get everyone's thoughts. I'm a figure competitor utilizing LGD, SR9009 and GW for my prep cycle (all from SARMSx of course). Planning to add in S4 as I get closer to show. Has anyone seen any real...
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    Anavar/Sarms stack figure competitor

    figure competitor :)Hi all! I have learned so much from posting on this forum, and I'm hoping all of you can help me again. I am 43, 5'4" and masters figure competitor. On stage, I'm about 115lbs. Offseason, right now, I'm 10lbs above stage weight at 125....obviously very low body I have run...
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    RAD-140 For Women

    Hi everyone! Getting ready to start my 4th cycle on LGD and Osta. I'm adding in the S4, GW and S9 for the full stack. Since I'm getting ready for the stage and don't have a full year of time to run the MK-2866, I would like to add in the RAD-140. I know that 20mg were the max, but Dylan has...
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    Female Competitor Stack Questions

    I have competing naturally in the drug sanctions for a couple of years now in the figure category. While I know most figure competitors utilize Anavar and Winstrol to achieve their amazing physiques, I am working on beinf my best with Sarms. I only get my Sarms from sarmsx. I'm on my 3rd cycle...