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    I want to lean bulk and need a sarm cycle

    I want to lean bulk and need a sarm cycle basically low on natural test I am 21 5'11 82kg 13-15% bf 5 years working out Basically low on testosterone And i need a beginner sarm cycle with some tips using it and where to buy sarms
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    M 21 years old and want to run a bulk cycle need help guyz! @Dylan_gemelli

    I am 21 5'11 82kgs 15% body fat I want to run a cycle and i have even bought 30 amps of test prop but after watching the video by dylan gemelli and negative advices due to my age i posted this thread to get some advice for my first cycle. Cycle will be eq and test prop .. i knw i knw eq has...
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    This is my first cycle and i'am mildely gyno Need help!

    I am 82kg's bf 15% 5'11" 4 years in bodybuilding and 22 years old. From india sources are a little bit tight managed test prop and eq for my 12 week first cycle pct will be nolva hcg and clomid 12 weeks eq and then after its half life come off test and pct. I have few questions 1) I am planning...