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    Low free test and shbg is high HELPP

    Hello im 30 years of age and i have a high SHBG and low free test shbg 78 ( ref range 18.3 - 54.1 nmol/L) *Estradiol 160 (ref range 30-130) Testosterone 21,3 (ref range 8.64 - 29.0 nmol/L) Free testosterone 27.53% (ref range 35 - 92.6 %) LH 6.19 Is my shbg high because of...
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    So Hello dont kill me , but i have to ask: Im on week 5 of my pct of clomid nolva gw and osta(4weeks) And i got gyno from puberty. long time wanted to do the surgery. now i have opportunity in october 20. If im on pct now and i finish day before october. Is there anything to be conserned...
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    Mabey an old question, but i did not find direct ANSWER mk-677

    im in Steroid cycle pct right now. Im in week 3 of 6 of my clomid/nolvA/osta/GW I ordered from sarmsX. Im really thinking to continue with GW and Mabey add MK677 to have better probability of keeping gains. But im little afraid. Is there any possibility that MK-677 makes me diabetic? or any...
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    High estro on cycle taking arimidex. help?

    Hey im on test/eq 350/600 and taking arimidex 0,5 mg ed. i got my second bloods yesterday in week 11 and my estradiol was 350 the range is 46-146. What do i do is it safe to raise my dose of arimidex to 1mg ed? it seems a lot.
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    High Hemoglobin on cycle

    Hello , i know steroids raise red blood cell count (hemoglobin). Especially boldenone. Im on test boldenone cycle 350/600 mg a week, at the week 9 right now. My hemoglobin was 163 week ago, and now its 172. Its raising. I ve heard you can lower the hemoglobin with donating blood . Im gona go...
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    High estro on cycle. Help?

    I did mid cycle bloods and i had really high estrogen 277 where as normal is 46-146 I have been taking only 0,25mg of adex eod. Cause i crashed estro at the beginning with 0,5 mg eod. I have aromasin . I started taking aromasin yesterday and also taking 0,5mg arimidex ed. How many days they...
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    first mid cycle bloods (Test bolde+ostarine)

    So im in the end of week 6 of my test and eq(350/600) cycle wich will be 18 weeks. I added ostarine 10 days ago 25mg a day. I have been taking arimidex 0.25 mg eod. So my mid cycle bloods are on pictures attached. My Estradiol(Östradiool) is way up. im starting aromasin right away 10mg ed for 1...
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    Can you really keep your gains???

    Hello , i just wanna know what you wise guys honestly think. Can you keep your steroid earned gains. There is lot of debate that steroids only expand your muscle cells and dont actually creat new tissue . And others say you creat permanent tissue wich helps you even when you come off.. Sorry if...
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    Adding ostarine to test and eq cycle

    Hello im in end of week 3 of my test/eq 350/600 cycle wich will be 18 weeks total. My question is will i benefit adding ostarine in week 5-15 for more gains ans healing? I have noticed a bit of joint/ligament pain in my shoulder an lower back and wrists. Will ostarine help with that and will...
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    Question about collagen sythesis with anabolics.

    Hello Dylan, i have read that deca durabolin increases the collagen synthesis up to 270%. I dont know if this is true or not. But i have a friend who said that he has done one deca cycle in his life and whatever hurt before that did not after . Mabey it was just him, and mabey he did not have...
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    Second cycle almost complete(advice needed)

    Hello i ve been researching what should my second cycle consist of and how to do everything properly. I have watched 90% of isarms and dylan gemelli videos on youtube. Read tons of articles and forums and so on. To me Dylan seems to be the guy for advice. I had few options with boldenone, deca...
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    Question about Training

    Hello everyone. what do you think about this. I know its the subject everyone seems to have own opinion. But... I have come in to time in my life where i cant workout 5-6 days a week even 4 days a week pretty impossible. What do you think about my approach to this: Right now i do like this: 1...
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    Going forward with sarms question

    So i started to think. Lets say i do another cycle and i like what i see i do complete pct with ostarine and gw, nolva clomid, post ct and so on... And im wondering mabey i do not need to do any more cycles . I may just do cardarine 12 on 4 weeks off. Does it help me to preserve most of my...
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    Is gyno possible to get without......

    First off i wanna say i know that controlling your prolactin progesterone and estrogen are a must on cycle with steroids wich convert to estrogen and nandrolones. But my friend did not know better and did not do it correctly. So basically a friend of mine is been on long cycle and he has...
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    Short 8 week Cycle advice needed!

    So basically i have done 1 cycle test e only 12 weeks and shitty PCT wich included only nolvadex and no AI. I fucked up my estro, but its ok now. I have been cutting also. My stats Right now are weight 200 lbs Height 5´12 Bf ~ 13-14% Im planning to cut another 6 weeks mabey get down to...
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    Need help with my test reults!

    So basically i did my first cycle 500mg of test only 12 weeks arimidex 0.25-0.5eod followed by nolvadex 40402020 wich ended 30.11.2017 so im 12 days off pct and i got my bloods done today. I took etrogen, testosterone and bilirubin. Bilirubin 10 µmol/l < 21 µmol/l...
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    Cutting with sarms before cycle

    Is it ok to cut 4-8 weeks with a sarm lets say ostarine and right after that start clean bulking 14 week cycle?
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    My second cycle and previous history advice needed

    Hy Mr Gemelli, Im 28 y of age . Im really big fan.of your videos. You really seem to be the person to listen, when it comes to sarms and steroids use. I have done 1 cycle this year 500 mg of test e 12 weeks, but pct was where i missed i think. 14 days after last injection Nolva only 40402020. I...