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    Proposed cycle

    Hi Dylan, I’m from uk and avidly watch and download all of your videos that are educational and informative . You are clear concise and HONEST and clearly have a notion of care and wellbeing for your followers. I’ve got a very simple question on a proposed cycle . I have designed this cycle...
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    help please

    Hi Rockrock, Thankyou for your advice I agree with you and Dylan and indeed Dylan YouTube video on test / EQ / deca cycle I’m running test 400 deca 400 we 500 wk. my question is about INJECTION FREQUENCY I was going to just do 2 fats injections week mon test 200 /deca 200 Front left quad eq 300...
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    My first cycle with a lot of concerns after a resolved (?) health problem (cancer)

    I agree with Dylan adamantly . He’s here as we all to help each other with primary concern being harm prevention and safety. I greatly respect you Rigel for wanting get back in the game! And indeed empathise and praise you for bouncing back fron your illness. Good for you sir . Dylan has far...
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    help please

    Good morning / evening Dylan! Hope you are well Sir. Firstly may I say how impressed and indeed grateful for the videos you post on your channel I subscribe to on YouTube. You clearly have extremely advanced knowledge in Ped, harm prevention and general overall knowledge of Anabolic Steroid...
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    proposed mass cycle

    Good morning / evening Dylan! I am writing fir several reasons, primarily you seem the only bodybuilder with a forum on YouTube who talks what I consider to be complete scientifically based facts, sense and have without dountvthe most extensive knowledge of AAS, HGH , SARMS ,DIET, TRAINING etc...
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    Return to training after 4 yr layoff

    Agreed, thanks all I appreciate your help. All the best .
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    Return to training after 4 yr layoff

    Thankyou Rickrock for your advice I appreciate it. You are indeed correct I will adhere to what you advise and wait until I consider I’m back to optimal natural condition then initiate the cycle - sometimes I forget how old I am ! All the best Paul .
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    Return to training after 4 yr layoff

    Thankyou Hi Dylan, firstly thankyou very much for your prompt and excellent advice. Much appreciated. I will adhere and take into account what you rightly said, I have devised a PPL style split so that I’m hitting each bodypart once every 5-6 days , initially starting on a low volume /...
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    Return to training after 4 yr layoff

    Hi Dylan! Hope you are well. Ive sent a question to you previously which you kindly answered - much appreciation. im from Birmingham England not far from Dorian Yates gym in temple row. The question is very simple. For a variety of reasons Ive been out of training for 4 years approx. Ive got...
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    Help regarding return to training

    Hi Dylan! Hope you and your family are good and well. I'm 45 years old I live in England not far from dorian yates old gym temple gym , temple row and have suffered with clinical depression since I was 17 . I started Train at 21 when I began working at Bentley in Cheshire. I works as a design...