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    Cycle Log - 6th Cycle

    Started right here on ISARMS first cycle, 2y/ago. Week 1: 1200 Test Cyp, 1200 Deca, 1200 EQ Day 10-20: 50mg Dbol ED Week 2-10: 400 Test Cyp, 400 Deca, 400 EQ Week 1-10: 8mg LGD ED Week 1: 1mg Adex EOD Week 2-10: 1 Mg Adex E3D Short cycles bc I prefer short, and itÂ’s a meet prep. IÂ’ll...
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    Am I the only one getting all these seizures?

    Three in a row. Three different addresses. Consecutive seizures. All through Los Angeles. Is anyone getting anything west coast? Please don't shut this down, if we can't discuss this, we're all powerless. All we can do is keep throwing packages at CBP like a dartboard. There has to be a...
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    Robo Touchdown!

    Just wanted to say first sale with Robo since last year went fantastic. Very fast. Well packed. Picked up a bunch of Test, anavar, Winstrol, dbol, bold and tren. Got some B12 for the GF bc she insisted. Now she wants to know how/when/why to cycle it for bodybuilding benefits. She’s doing a...
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    First Physique Show Cycle - Critique

    Hi all, history: Age: 34 Height: 5'7 Weight: 175 Body fat %: 15% Years of training: 8 as just a guy who works out a lot, 3 in contest strongman, 1 in contest PL Complete cycle history (compounds, doses, lengths of time, when they were run): TRT for 3y Cycle 1: Test/tbol (8w) Cycle 2...
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    Heart Health and AAS

    Hi guys. Just got my heart CT scan results back, or what they call a calcium score. They scan your heart for plaque. Came back a 0! The lowest you can get, no identifiable plaque. I’m 34 with a lot of heart disease in my family. Father has had heart attacks and actually just had a...
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    Lessons Learned - Don't Try This at Home: My 28 Week Cycle (3rd/4th)

    Hi all, history: Age: 34 Height: 5'7 Weight: 180 Body fat %: 18.5% according to DEXA January 31, 2018 TRT dose administered by doc: 220mg/wk Test cyp since August 2015 Years of training: 10, competing in strongman/PL 3 Complete cycle history (compounds, doses, lengths of time, when they were...
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    Allergy to Oil?

    Has anyone had an allergic reaction to the oil that test or anything else is suspended in? I'm getting uncontrollable itching like all over my body, originating from the leg where I injected it, but it lasts a few hours and tends to go away the next day although it's tending to last longer and...
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    High Concen Blends?

    I know Robolics has offered to do up to 600-700 mg/ml blends. I don't want to bother him with an email when I'm not ready to buy anything but anyone know if 1g/ml is realistically possible with the way this stuff is custom blended? I want a 1g/ml Sustanon blend.
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    Safety/Effectiveness of Intermittent Halo Use (not constant use, not kickstart)

    Hi guys. I made a comment in another thread that thus far in my experience with orals (tbol, dbol, anadrol, winstrol, halo) that Halo was my favorite in terms of tolerance and power. Has anyone every tried or heard of the use of Halo as an PWO intermittently for a duration of somewhere like...
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    Best Oral for Assisting a 7d Water Cut?

    I’m on Test/Tren to peak for a PL meet, finishing up a 16w cycle. Test was 520 but I’ve tapered down bc my “main” meet is over and this next one is just for giggles and I need to get rid of sides. Anyway, I need to cut water so I’m doing a water cut - low carb, high water, all that. I was...
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    Caber Concerns

    Is caber going to cause "caber sides" even when the 19-nor doses are high enough to legitimately call for caber use? Cycle: 500 Test blend 400 deca blend 200 Tren blend .5mg adex / wk .25 caber / wk Cardarine Week 12 of test/deca, week 15 of Cardarine, week 5 of tren Depression/suicidal...
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    Emergency Deca

    What source can process an order and get it to me in about a week? Misjudged and will run out. PL doesn't do express shipping to me. And preferably without a $200 minimum but I may resort to that. (In the US) Thanks
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    My Latest 3rd Cycle Experiences: Test/Deca/Dbol/Adrol/Tren/Cardarine

    I made a thread a while back talking about my 3rd cycle. My initial plan and how I started was: 420 Test cyp 275 deca Blend 75 anadrol 30 Dbol Cardarine .25mg caber / wk .5mg arimidex E3D The reaction I got was that this would be too much Anadrol, especially combined with dbol. I was only...
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    Blood Pressure and Sauna Use on Cycle

    I recently came across this great article: In the "other papers", and in the background they talk about how other studies have found frequent sauna use associated with lower blood pressure by affecting arterial stiffness, reduced risk...
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    3rd Cycle Started: Test/Deca/Orals

    Age: 33 Training: 10y, competing in strongman 3, cycling since July 2017 - 2cycles - Test, and test/deca/winstrol Also ran an LGD+TRT bridge which went really well, only ended it bc I needed my HDL to recover more before starting new cycle. BF: 12% Height: 5'7 Weight: 165 After last cycle I...
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    Week 6 LGD Bloods / Week 7 Post Cycle, Tren Thoughts

    Hi guys. So later today when I have them in front of me I'll post a full picture of my CMP but I have the highlights memorized. I finished Test/Deca (500/280 finishing at 700 Test - test was both Cyp and Sust, Deca was both Deca and NPP) on 2/17. I'm on TRT so I just went back down to my...
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    LGD Side Effects

    Started LGD about 5 weeks ago @ 10mg for 3wk. Felt great and decided to push it to 12mg. Been at 12 for about 2 weeks, going on 3. Loving the gym strength changes - feels like I'm on cycle. I'm about to go get bloods to evaluate kidneys and liver bc I am getting increasingly severe stomach...
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    LGD Officially Rules

    I was a SARMs hater / doubter because I had bunk stuff. Not anymore. Coming off cycle onto LGD bridge, I've felt so strong in the gym. It took about 1.5w for it to really kick in but I'm hitting all kind of post cycle PRs. I'm a strongman athlete so for me it's all about strength. I...
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    Favorite Place for Confirmed Real Anavar?

    I've heard all the concerns about counterfeits and fakes, real Anavar should be expensive, etc. I have no experience with Anavar. I'm advising a close female friend get into compound assisted powerlifting and so as a female, the consequences of getting some dbol or winny are much higher than...
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    3rd Cycle, 1st Tren Cycle Thougts

    Hi all, history: Age: 33 Height: 5'7 Weight: 178 Body fat %: 18.5% according to DEXA January 31, 2018 TRT dose administered by doc: 220mg/wk Test cyp since August 2015 Years of training: 9 as just a guy who works out a lot, 3 as a competition strongman. I have one 1st place finish, a couple...