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    SARMS for Bridging and while on Cycle.

    My goal is to keep solid gains, cut/clean up a bit during the bridge with my TRT. muscle preservation etc. During TRT I run HCG, Arimidex, 200MG test per my doctor.
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    SARMSX ORDER Credit Card Authorization form?

    Anyone deal with this? Where they want your photo ID (Drivers license/passport) etc?? and a signed form??? Not comfortable with this idea.
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    PCT/ low libido....girlfriend pissed off

    Get on TRT. Thats what I did. Now I cruise on TRT. Then Blast when I cycle. no issues with my Girl now :) I dont feel like im 20, however you will want to bang :) ha My trt clinic gives test, hcg, and arimidex to us. (pharm grade)
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    SARMS for Bridging and while on Cycle.

    I am currently TRT at 200MG Test a week. 242 lbs (this can fluctuate from 235-245)/10%bf/5'10/Mid 30's I have started a BLAST at 400MG TEST and 400MG Tren/week I have just incorporated GW into the cycle to help with blood pressure and other sides, also to improve endurance vs TREN. I am...
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