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  1. JM750


    What does being from Cali have to do with it?
  2. JM750

    What do you eat for your healthy fats?

    Avacado, olive oil, peanut butter and i also do use butter.
  3. JM750

    Shout out to Valhalla labs

    LMFAO. thats funny. both posts!! haha
  4. JM750


    Welcome. Were you somewhere else before?
  5. JM750

    advice and guidance for my gear

    You dont need steroids to eat correctly. You should already be eating correctly before you start, and have a much lower B/F% It seems like there are a lot of guys that dont want to get "serious" about any of it until they have gear in their hands....
  6. JM750

    Shout out to Valhalla labs

    Yes, I should have noted that this was a long over due review. I had promised I would do it a while back and then got really busy. Sorry to get everyone excited. Damn, I'd fuck up a wet dream! uughhh
  7. JM750

    cycle precautions

    This is not gunna fly here. The very 1st thing that we demand here is "RESPECT" of one another. And that is something you may have to learn the hard way. No decent board will put up with this crap. There are plenty of other boards that welcome this kind of trash talk, and you are very welcome to...
  8. JM750

    Shout out to Valhalla labs

    Placed my 1st order with valhalla. Got some test and deca. Ordering was very easy. The communication with me and my order was superb! pmt option worked well for me. My order came very, very fast! The looks of the gear is nice. It is very smooth. The sustanon has a very little bite of pip, but...
  9. JM750

    What did you eat for lunch today?

    yesterdays lunch
  10. JM750

    Roidsmall. Ever heard of it?

    Browse thru this site and check out the vendors here....
  11. JM750

    Valhalla Labs Review

    I dont think so..... Thats fucking bullshit right there. NY is not that kind of guy. Yea, I think you should start remembering the name, cause it aint him. I think you been off this board too long to know good reps when you see them.
  12. JM750

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DYLAN: Share a memory thread!

    ​Happy Birthday Brother!!!!
  13. JM750

    Day 31 and 17lbs bigger

    What are you running for a cycle? Forgive me if you posted it and I didnt see it. Looking swole for sure. I'm at 198 right now and to try to get to 210 seems impossible. Seems like if I eat more, it just goes to my mid section. Who's gear are you running, what lab. Just curious.
  14. JM750

    need source

    Never share an acct with anyone!!
  15. JM750

    need source

    Go To CVS.........
  16. JM750


    Welcome. There are plenty of us older dudes here. Well except for Dylan. He doesnt age. Just get shredded!
  17. JM750


    Dylan, I totally understand where you are coming from. You are 100% right. I dont even know what happened, but your passion for this site is what counts. Much thanks for your dedication. I dont get on here as much as I would like, but I'm still very thankful to have this place I call home.....
  18. JM750


    Good man! kudo's to you Sir
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