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  1. hellzone

    Build up in GW dropper??

    I opened up my first gw this morning from sarmsforsale and there is a build up/film in the dropper. Is this normal? Has anyone else delt with this?
  2. hellzone

    Holiday weekend

    Sup guys! I'm on here everyday scoping things out but it's been awhile since I've made a post. So I'm just dropping in saying to everyone have a great and safe holiday weekend! Cheers! Sent from my SM-G935T using Tapatalk
  3. hellzone

    3rd cycle looks ok?

    my current stats... height 6'1 weight 220 bf% 12 2nd cycle (recomp) was test, tbol, and eq. very successful. I'm looking to recomp with adding a little more size than last cycle. does everything look good? 1-16 test c 400mg 1-16 deca 400mg 1-16 eq 600mg caber .5mg 2 x week aromasin 12.5mg eod...
  4. hellzone

    RIP gw

    Opened up a fresh bottle of gw....knocked it over...tried to catch it...fumbled... ...shes gone guys. Sent from my SM-G935T using Tapatalk
  5. hellzone

    Tbol and cardio

    Hey everyone, Just curious, does tbol affect ones cardio? I'm five days in on my first tbol, test, eq cycle. I ran 1.5 miles today and it was horrible... gased at half a mile and wheezing by the one mile mark. I usually can run the mile in a little more than 7 minutes and still feel good. But...
  6. hellzone

    Favorite lifts??

    Just a fun topic. What are is your favorite lift and what numbers are you putting up.... can only choose one....aaaaand go! For me it would be the t-bar row, 6 plates for 8 solid reps. well, rep 8 had some good body english in it lol
  7. hellzone

    EQ cycle help

    1-14 EQ 600mg 1-16 Test cyp 300mg Aromasin 12.5 eod 18-21 PCT Is this lay out correct? I feel like I got it but that super long ester of EQ is throwing me off.
  8. hellzone

    cutting stack

    1-12 GW-501516 20mg a day. 30 min before workout, around same time on off days 1-12 S4 50mg a day. Split 25mg in the a.m. and 25mg 4-6 hours after 1-12 SR9009 30mg a day. Split 5mg every 2-3 hours mini pct Clomid 50/25/25/25 GW-501516 20mg ed Am i missing anything? 3 bottles of each...
  9. hellzone

    GW is legit

    So i ran my first ever cycle of test c 350mg for 12 weeks. Shout out to robolics, i made incredible progress, thanks guys. Im now on my third week of pct and I'm absolutely loving this GW. 3 weeks in of using it and i added 4 extra rounds to my hiit training...considering what i do, adding 4...
  10. hellzone

    Do sarms need to be taken on empty stomach?

    Title says it. Ive tried searching for it but i couldn't find anything. Does it matter if you have food in your stomach? Not just sarms either....AI, liquiCIA...everything/anything on sarmsx.
  11. hellzone

    gw + s-4 next cycle

    On my 2nd cycle i want to stick with Robolics test cyp 350mg a week with an AI. but i want to add in GW and S-4 for extra cutting. Does this look right? GW 501515 20mg a day, 30min before lifting S-4 50mg a day, 25mg in the am and 25mg 4-6 hours later. pct Ill be using the platinum pct, i...