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    Happy Thanksgiving!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to All my AR Family!! LET EM HATE... THEY JUST NV US
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    Does anyone have experience with BitCoin?? I could use some help on the subject. Looking for a safe and fast site i can use. I see a ton of them out there. I dont understand how I use my bitcoins for purchases. Seems easy to purchase them but looks like it could take anywhere from a few hours to...
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    Expdom cycle

    Ok bros so today I started my cycle from ED. I have decided to go with the short ester route. I will be doing Low dose Test P, Tren A, TNE/Test P, & Cutstack... All EOD and the TNE as pre-workout. AI EOD and Cabe E3D... First shot went smooth like butter... Just as expected from ExpDom. Very...
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    SARMS & ETG tests

    Ok so I am curious if anyone has had any experience or knowledge of whether or not SARMs can show up on an ETG test for alcohol... I know they are suspended in alcohol, but is enough being ingested to be detected on an ETG? Need some Broscience LET EM HATE... THEY JUST NV US
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    The Great fertility Debate....

    Ok Bros... Need some science and any experience anyone may have... Been having a bit of a debate about whether or not you can still get a woman pregnant while on cycle. I have heard some say as long as you are using HCG others say it doesnt matter at all and i feel as though because of how it...
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    Express Domestic goes Above & Beyond

    I just wanna say that my pckg from ED came in today!!! Great T/A!!! The communication was unprecedented!! Everything has been above and beyond expectations from start to finish! Got a couple other things im getting in order before I start this cycle... Patience is a virtue... I will log my cycle...
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    Feeling at Home Already...

    Just wanna say Im new to the Forum and was refered by some good people who have gone above and beyond to HBO (Help a Brother Out) I have been looking around and already feeling at home... So happy to see Express Domestic here as well as Hipo. Looking forward to being a part of the family!!! LET...