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    What's the secret? Acne making AAS almost not worth it

    How not a single pro bodybuilder ever step on stage or photoshoots with zero acne?? I'm running 500mg test with aromasin and 600mg EQ and have the gnarliest cystic growth-like acne I've ever seen....ran doctor prescribed clindamycin capsules with an additional topical gel for 10 days with zero...
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    19NOR acne ever go away?

    I have one of the most extreme cases of aas acne I've ever seen. I've researched remedies and hygiene till I was blue in the face. Does it ever straight up subside? This is my 2nd cycle with tren and deca, and its the worst right now than I've had thus far. Sent from my SM-G930T using Tapatalk
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    Possible bunk tren/anadrol?

    1st time running test/tren/anadrol. Dosed at test-e 400mg, tren ace at 400mg for the week and anadrol at 50mg per day. Pinned EOD, been a full week and I've noticed absolutely nothing except for feeling tired as shit this whole week Lifts went up like 10lbs but I honestly feel like it was...
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    Gelatinous or solidifying test-e?

    I went to take my robotest-e dose this morning and it had started solidifying and settling at the bottom of the vial. I shook it up and it started dispersing but I had never seen that happen before. Is it somehow getting exposed to air or something? Is it safe to still inject? Is this common...
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    Hypothetical bro science thought

    Since you have to be in a caloric surplus to build muscle, what if someone had a high-ish body fat% say around 20%... Could they keep eating at maintenance with their 20% and build muscle since they're clearly in a surplus? Or even eat at a deficit to lose fat but still build muscle because of...