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  1. Peso

    Test levels - low # on cycle

    Running an 18 week cycle of Test/NPP/EQ. Test - 350 NPP - 300 EQ - 800 Run this cycle several times with great results. Just had blood done with Quest Diagnostics. All looked great, estrogen (28), prolactin (7.9) but my test came back at 1319. I have never had in come back under the 1500...
  2. Peso

    Test / EQ - adding in NPP and Winny

    Planning to kick into a new cycle here soon. Would welcome insight on where / when / dose to include winny and NPP as I?ve seen various layouts. I have never run NPP and last ran winny the final 6 weeks of a test/deca/primo cycle. My thought: Weeks 1 - 6 / winny 50mg/ed Weeks 6 - 18 / NPP...
  3. Peso

    Blood donation options / appt delays

    Hey guys. My local blood bank, Bloodworks northwest has cancelled my appt 3x now and is scheduling in July. Any ideas on how to get and appt quicker or other blood donation options? Thanks
  4. Peso

    4th week / blood results - input pls

    Morning. I am mid 4th week of the following: 350mg test cyp 350mg deca 800mg primo 50mg proviron (ed) 40mg dbol (4/4 wks) My bloods came back this morning with the following: AST 46 (0-40iu/l) HIGH ALT 86 (0-44iu/l) HIGH LH <0.2 (1.7-8.6 miu/ml) LOW FSH <0.2 (1.5-12.4 miu/ml) LOW Prolactin...
  5. Peso

    Cycle insight_masteron / primo - greatly appreciated

    Hey guys, looking for some insight on my next cycle. Have posted before but current rough stats: 45 yrs old 7 cycles in past 6'2 220lb bf 12% Goal - Lean mass, hardening, avoid injury In October I finished a 16 week cycle that included: 350 test cyp 350 deca 800 eq 50mg provision 40 mg dbol...
  6. Peso

    Blast and Cruise - Beginning TRT

    Brothas I recently finished a test / deca / eq cycle and am planning to now cruise as I was ordered TRT by my doc. Starting with test cyp @ 175mg/wk. Do I just roll immediately into weekly jabs immediately following the last week of my cycle? My plan is to go with the 175mg/wk and get...
  7. Peso

    Anger / depression / horrible moods

    Anger / depression / anxiety / horrible moods Brothas. Need some insight. I’m 3 weeks into the following; 250mg test cyp 250mg deca 800mg EQ 40 mg dbol (4 week kick start) 12.5 aromasin eod Caber .5 e3d Proviron 50mg ed I’ve ran many cycles of test e / deca prior and been brilliant...
  8. Peso

    Injection question - over 4cc's?

    Quick ask for insight and guidance. I am about to being running the following: Test Cyp - 400mg/wk (250mg/ml) Deca - 400mg/wk (250mg/ml) EQ - 800mg/wk (200mg/ml) Splitting and pinning 2x week, the above is just under 4cc. I know it is best practice to not pin more than 3cc. How best can I...
  9. Peso

    Blood work - Organ ST / Post CT

    Just received my bloodwork results, 4 week post ct after 16 week cycle of test e and deca. I took Organt ST throughout the entire cycle and Post CT for 4 weeks in additional to normal pct protocol of clomid/nolva/aromasin. Every test is spot on normal and in range, test is still on the lower...
  10. Peso

    Test E vs Test Cyp

    Can anyone tell me if there exist a major difference in test enathate and test cypionate? I have run the same cycle 5x over the past 15 years. Test E and Deca and had great results but looking to change things up a bit. Still put on size but a bit more clean. I think adding EQ would be...
  11. Peso

    PostCT - timing

    Realize this has most likely been asked and addressed but dont feel like combing through all the threads. Is it better to take PostCT in the am or pm or does it matter? Cheers brotha
  12. Peso

    final wks of winter cycle / quick confirmation of planned pct

    Would appreciate a quick glance for confirmation of the noted PCT below, as well as a few questions. Going into the final weeks of a winter bulking cycle that included test e and deca. Decided to include SARMS at week 9 for finishing and have already noticed their benefits with 3 weeks still to...
  13. Peso

    BCAA - dosage, capsules versus powder

    Curious of thoughts on BCAA's. I have always taken pre workout(1500mg) and immediately following workout(1500mg) (L-Leucine 750 / L-Isoleucine 375 / L-Valine 375) in capsule form. A buddy of mine recently went into Super Supplements to grab some BCAA's and was told to go the route of powder and...
  14. Peso

    Mid cycle - Test Deca - sarms advice

    Mid way through a 13 bulk week cycle: Test E - 500/wk Deca - 250/wk Proviron - 50mg ed Size and strength progressing well. As noted in other thread battling high estrogen even with aromasin at 12.5mg eod the first 7 weeks. Recently went to 12.5 ed and will have bloods again next week. Was...
  15. Peso

    Mid Cycle Bloodwork w/ Organ ST

    Decided to kick off a new thread versus follow up on post from earlier in week. I am 6 weeks through the following bulk cycle: 1-13 / Test E (500) 1-13 / Deca (250) 1-2 / dbol (40)(didn't like the water, shut it down after 2 weeks) 8-13 / Winstrol (30) Have been taking Organ ST since day one...
  16. Peso

    Winter Cycle - Test / Deca / ORGAN ST....winstrol and SARMS?

    6 weeks in to a 13 week winter cycle: Test E - 500mg / wk Deca - 250mg / wk Dbol - 40mg (only weeks 1/2, didn't like the water retention) Blood work due back this week. Been running Organ ST since say one and can confirm what others have said in that I feel great. Will post bloods when I...
  17. Peso

    Ancillaries "kept on hand'

    Hey brothas Might seem a silly question, but do most keep a stock of multiple ancillaries? I have always ordered specifically to align with the gear (test/Deca) I have typically used but thinking not a bad idea to keep a stock of most all in case the need every arises. Specifically I am...
  18. Peso

    Guidance for a new guy with new found knowledge thanks to DG..

    Brothas, looking for some guidance on a few topics, new to the forum so appreciate in advance any responses. Thank you to DG, came across your videos 2 weeks ago and think I have viewed each and every one. Absolutely awesome knowledge and thanks for sharing man, helped me sort a lot of what I...