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    Ampule Use

    When using ampules do you have to use a filtered syringe?
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    Blood Work Results - Need Advice

    I got my blood work back today. Running 500mg Test CYP. each week. Dragon Pharm and 12.5 EOD of Aromasin., 9 weeks into it. Should my test levels be higher? What should i do to lower estrogen? My nips are sore, forming a knot behind them.
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    Pharmacon Review

    This was my first purchase online and i was very skeptical to say the least. After reading every kind of review i decided to go with Pharmacom. I ordered test cyp 250 and Anaridex. The Anaridex arrived in about 2 weeks and the test took 3 weeks. During this waiting time i was very anxious so...
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    Blood Work

    I will be starting a cycle of TestC 500mg a week and ANASTROZOLE (starting out w/ 1/2 a day). I would like to get blood work done and do it right this time around so how do i get blood work done?
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    Newbe Intro

    I am new to the forum and have been doing a lot of reading on here and it is noce to be able to find this amount of knowledge and experience. I am 33, 180lb, 5'11", I will figure out body fat later. I have been lifting for about 10 years, 4-5 days a week for 1.3 hrs. If I need to add anything...