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    Sarms bloodwork

    Hi I got bloodwork done before my sarms cycle, at the end of it and I’m just wondering how long after PCT would you wait to get them done again due to clomid half life? (Clomid run at 50/50/25/25) Thanks
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    Advice on Bloodwork

    Ok thanks mate Last question Would you suggest doing the same test on each 3 occasions or just do a testosterone pre cycle the same mid cycle then the full test as above after PCT? Thanks
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    Advice on Bloodwork

    Thanks for your reply Dylan. Very informative. I’m from the UK and we have a site called medichecks. They have a male hormone test which includes: DHEA-S FSH LH Testosterone Free test SHBG FAI Oestradiol Prolactin Albumin Do you think that is suffienct for after PCT it doesn’t include...
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    Advice on Bloodwork

    Hi im looking to do a new cycle of Sarms. Haven't had blood done before for a cycle so am wondering: Which tests should I be looking to get? What should I be looking for in the tests? Is before cycle, week 6 and week 13 a good enough interval for each test? Thanks
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